RELEASED Biped Dinosaur, smaller Dino Egg + bonus female Duck

Discussion in 'Livestock' started by CaveSalamander, Mar 17, 2016.

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    I love your mod! It's so far my favorite dinosaur-reskin!

    Sadly, with 1.1, the springobjects.xnb contains new artisan goods like Void Mayonnaise etc., so you'd have to repack your smaller egg sprite into the new version of that file for us to be able to use it. If I was any good at doing this, I'd do so myself and post an updated version.
    Maybe you or someone more versed at this than me could do that? I'd really love to use the smaller egg sprite, since that gigantic egg is bugging me as well.

    Thank you again for making this reskin in the first place! :D
    • eLe

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      Here's springobjects (content\maps) as well as an optional ObjectInformation that changes the description from giant to small (content\data) [don't use if you're usin other mods that edit that file :Y] :3

      Edit: fixed transparency issues :zzz:

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      • CaveSalamander

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        Thank you so much for doing this <3
        I've updated the post with your links.
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          For anyone who might want such a thing, I made a Content Patcher version of the mod that makes the dinosaurs cycle through the various Seasonal skins in each season (using the Red Fall skin). It shouldn't be hard for anyone to change out which versions they want to use.

          This only edits the Dinosaur itself, not the egg, and does require the Content Patcher (it's kind of necessary for the seasonally rotating effect).

          [EDIT: I am no where near having dinosaurs, I don't know if this works, but it doesn't throw up errors in SMAPI, so that's the best I can test it for now. If there's a problem with it, let me know.]

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