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Discussion in 'Mods' started by edentoken, Feb 23, 2017.

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    A respriting of Elliott to be black. This was inspired by a Diverse Stardew Valley mod already out there, but I wanted the sprite to be more... "true" to the original one. There are tweaks in features, but otherwise, it is untouched (only recolored).

    Replace the .xnb files (Elliott (sprite).xnb) in your Characters folder, and (Elliott (portrait).xnb) in your Portraits folder. MAKE SURE to rename both files to "Elliot.xnb".

    Of course, the sprites are ConcernedApe's.

    To download, go here:

    (This is my first mod ever, so I apologize if there is anything weird in the edits or in my posting.)

    If anyone has any ideas for future diverse mods, I would love to hear them (and possibly try!)
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      Thank you!!!
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        thankyou for this edit!

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