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    Hi guys ! I'm a huge fan of Advance Wars since ages so i had to get this one, i must say Wargroove is a cool one !

    Anyway, as most people here, played few campaign missions then tried the map editor. Created a map then i figured that you can't insert them in a campaign so i began a new campaign.

    I like the way in these kind of game you unlock the different units upon time, starting with few and finishing with many. I created a campaign and wanted to do the same, in a case you encounter a type of unit in a mission, and by killing this unit it unlock a "bonus mission" which you'll complete and then unlock the kind of unit forever in the campaign. I'd say i'm not so bad with the editor, but this i don't find a way to do that.

    If someone know how to do it and can explain me step by step this process, it would be a pleasure.

    For the story of the campaign, it's about Valder trying to raise an army after a long absence in his "kingdom", only did 3 missions right now but plan to do many. I'll share it for sure when it'll be finished ^^ It's in french btw maybe it can be copy pasted and changed in english (with all text)

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