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Bug/Issue Bug In Physical Japan Collectors version

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mazz8891, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Mazz8891

    Mazz8891 Space Hobo

    I saw a reddit post on this but not sure if it was ever brought to anyone's attention, and I'm not quite sure If I'm on the right forum for this, but here's the issue. When you go into the submarine during the night market you get as far as getting to the bottom and then the game crashes with all progress for the day lost. I tried going back 3 times and it crashed every time. As I mentioned before it looks like other people are having this issue as well so I think its a legit concern. Since this is a Japanese version of the game I'm hoping that this is the right place to report this but have my doubts and not sure where else to turn.
    • Starrienite

      Starrienite Orbital Explorer

      I have the same physical copy and I am also facing the same problem the game crashes and closes down whenever the submarine goes down. Beside that, I went to the mermaid show and nothing happened. I went several times in different times, still nothing happens. I tried to search solutions online but still the problems were unsolved, so I just carried on playing without fishing in submarine or mermaid show. My saved game is currently in Year 3, Winter 14, I so afraid I will face the same problem again.
      • ProvidenceX

        ProvidenceX Space Hobo

        Same problem with physical copy of collectors edition Hope it gets fixed soon
        • Zergplex

          Zergplex Intergalactic Tourist

          I have the same issues, and the same version of the game. No mermaid show, crashing in sub, and I have the physical edition from Japan.
          • KevinPaul06

            KevinPaul06 Yeah, You!

            Same here. Let's hope they fixed it when 1.4 rollout..

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