Bughunter's Creatures(seen in many threads)

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bughunter, Mar 7, 2012.


Do You like these and want them to be in the game?

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  2. No!

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  3. I guess.....

  4. Undecided

  1. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Here are some cute creatures that i made for people by request!
    Untitled 36.jpg Untitled 37.jpg Untitled 39.jpg Untitled 42.jpg Untitled 43.jpg
  2. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    Pretty cute fox there!
    Looks like they'd make good neutral critters. Like the rabbits and birds from Terraria.
  3. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Thanks :D !
  4. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    I like that fox the most, super cute!
  5. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

  6. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Zeromus

    Cool art there :p
  7. Xploding_Cherry

    Xploding_Cherry Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I just about exploded when I saw the cow.
    Great work!

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