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  1. bulbaswat

    bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Alright, I started making mods for my brother and myself to use, and have decided that making a few more might be fun as well. So this is where I will be posting pet/horse mods that I make. Might take requests when I feel up to it (I'm going to regret saying this aren't I?). Remember, I won't take all requests, and just because I did one for one person, doesn't mean anyone who asks is automatically entitled to it. I plan on only doing requests like this when I think the request is something interesting to me. This doesn't mean you can't ask, just don't complain if I refuse, or don't do it right away. Please don't be afraid to ask, the chances of success are generally high, especially if you ask properly, kindly, and be polite about it. The main reason I would refuse is when I don't think I'm skilled enough to fulfill the request.

    Just in case you haven't seen it yet, there is a list here that tries to keep up to date with all the pokemon mods that Stardew currently has. It doesn't seem to get updated as often as I seem to update my thread, but it is definitely still alive at the time of typing this, so be sure to check that out if you haven't already.

    Xaviikinz original mods are here.

    UPDATE: So it's been a while since I've been on here huh? Well a friend has gotten me back into doing some modding to make him a dog that looks like the one he lost recently, and I figured it would be a good idea to try and update my old mods on here, and make sure everything is in working order. Sorry I kinda just disappeared from the face of the earth there, and looking back on my last update I'm sorry if I scared anyone.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Lately I've been struggling an awful lot with my depression, so I'm on a brake for the moment to try and get my emotions and life under control. Don't worry too much about me, I should come out of it fine. I will still be checking these forums around once a week though, so I will still reply on here. I may even come back early if I get a request I like ;).

    UPDATE: While practicing my spriting, I made a gen 2 devamp of Poochyena. I liked how it looked and decided to make a devamped version of my Poochyena mod. It looked good to me, so I've added it here as an alternate version. If you don't know what "devamp" means, I described it shortly in the updated blurb for Poochyena.

    UPDATE: Just finished the project I've been working on! Absol's sprite turned out to be too big for the dog's boundaries, so I did some splicing and recolouring to make an Absol version of Umbreon! I also made a more Umbreon based version as well, with Umbreon having Absol's horn and tail! I spent quite a bit of time and effort with this one, so please let me know what you think :)

    UPDATE: Added a section for my side projects that I've made that aren't related to the rest of this, but I wanted somewhere to post them, and they feel too small for a separate thread.

    UPDATE: Added Umbreon. It's got icon, cry, and shiny version as usual.

    UPDATE: Added Houndour, Shiny Houndour, and also just now a special splice of houndour to give it the appearance of a houndoom in some ways. I'm really proud of how the splice turned out personally, because it's the first splice I've ever done.
    Edit: Just added a stage 2 of the splice, which adds the collar from houndoom.

    UPDATE: Added section for combined versions of icons and cries. This post is beginning to get big huh? Also realized I didn't have the shiny Buizel preview actually there, so I fixed that.

    MINOR UPDATE: I have begun to try and learn how to sprite in an effort to one day make my own sprites, so that I can finally make some of the mods I've been wanting to do and make them look good. It's a minor thing, but I thought you might like to know that I am putting effort towards getting stuff done.

    : I have just attempted to fix access to shiny versions of Buizel and Persian, which didn't seem to be working properly on my end. So let me know if that's working right now.

    : Added the requested mod that I made for Destany89. It's got a black Persian cat mod, and two versions of the icon mod that match it. It looks cool I think. I suggest checking it out on the Persian preview, even if you don't plan on using it, because again, I think it looks cool.

    : So, because I'm a bloody loon that apparently does not yet understand the fact that I will eventually end up having to update all of these at once some day, I've gone and done some more mods, this time stuff to go with Xavii's Buizel mod. Just an icon and shiny version this time, no cry. Reason for that is in the blurb next to the Buizel portion below.

    UPDATE: Alright, so Xaviikinz made another mod, this time for Persian, another I planned on doing, and so again with his permission, I've made some stuff to go with that, including everything I usually do: icon, cry, and shiny version.

    : Added Shinx icon for cat. I did not make the cat sprite mod, but rather someone else here did, and since it was one that I actually wanted myself, I asked if it would be okay for me to make an icon for it, and they said that was fine so here it is. I will also link to the original mod so you can grab that as well.
    Edit: Added cry as well just now.
    Another Edit: Added shiny version for shinx as well!

    UPDATE: Okay, so I've hit a block towards making new mods that have been requested: I don't have sitting sprites to use for a lot of these. So my question to you all is: Should I continue making them relatively quickly by just using the sleeping sprite for sitting like I did with Ninetales (Quantity)? Or should I wait until I can get or make a sitting sprite for them, possibly never getting certain mods made (Quality)? Poll at top of page.

    : Just fixed the Cursors files which change the icons in the menu for the dog. If you are using one of these, you should redownload it now

    UPDATE: Added poochyena as someone requested it somewhere, and poochyena happens to be my favourite pokemon, so I ended up doing it right away

    These are made using sprites from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, they are owned by Nintendo. The shinies may differ slightly from the official ones, as I did them by recolouring the normal versions with colours from the main series shiny sprites.

    Poochyena + Shiny Poochyena + Gen 2 Devamp as Dog (Just finished. Let me know if I can improve it at all. UPDATE: Just added the gen 2 devamp I made, as well as it's shiny counterpart. I made it after deciding to devamp the gen 3 Poochyena sprite to gen 2 style, and thought it looked good, so I did a version of my mod with similar changes and I think it turned out well. If you don't know what a "devamp" is, it's the process of taking a pokemon sprite, and editing it to match the style of a previous generation. So yes, it's supposed to have only four colors to it, including black and white, and the colours I selected should also be capable of being produced on an actual GameBoy Colour if what I read on the internet is correct. This blurb is getting long, but I should also mention that there is an alternate icon for this one. Not only does it have a normal poochyena icon recoloured to the matching colour pallette, but I also made one using the gold/silver/crystal party sprite that I imagine Poochyena might have had if it was actually in those games.)
    dog_stuff - Poochyena V1.png dog_stuff - Poochyena Shiny.png

    Gen 2 Devamp
    upload_2016-4-11_18-1-55.png upload_2016-4-11_18-2-32.png

    Actual Devamped Icon

    Gen 2 Party Sprite Icon

    The download link is here
    The running animation on this one looked janky no matter what I did with it, so unless I either think of some way to do it better or get a suggestion on how to do it better, that is how it will be for now I'm afraid

    Mightyena + Shiny Mightyena as Dog (complete for now, unless I get some good constructive feedback on it)
    dog_Mightyena.png dog_MightyenaShiny.png

    The download link is here

    Ninetales + Shiny Ninetales as Dog (Should be semi-complete now. Once I learn how to sprite, I hope to come back to this and make an actual sitting sprite for it.)
    dog_stuff - Ninetales.png dog_stuff - NinetalesShiny.png

    The download link is here
    Sorry it's so sleepy, I couldn't get any sprites for sitting down, and I have no experience making my own sprites

    Shinx + Shiny Shinx as Cat (The actual cat mod was made by someone else, I just made an icon and cry to go with it after getting their permission to do so. As it isn't my mod, I won't be putting up a preview of the original, just the shiny.)

    The icon, cry, and shiny version are here
    The actual mod by XaviiKinz can be found here

    Persian + Shiny Persian as Cat and a request for Destany89 (Once again, the normal cat mod is made by Xaviikinz. I made my usual stuff to go with it. Same old, same old. This shiny was particularly annoying because I had to do the ears manually, my usual tool wasn't working on them.)
    Shiny Persian

    Destany89's Request
    View attachment 148303

    Blue Eye Icon
    View attachment 148301

    Red Eye Icon
    View attachment 148302

    The icon, cry, and Destany89's request are here
    The shiny version is here
    The actual mod by Xaviikinz can be found here

    Buizel + Shiny Buizel as Cat (Another addition to Xavii's mods. Just the icon and shiny this time. I didn't do the cry because if the cat is like the dog, then there are other sounds used for it that I don't know of, and if I'm going to put the effort in to make a cry mod for it, I want it to sound believable, and a Buizel meowing and making other cat noises, even rarely, is not believable in my opinion. So if I can either confirm that there are only two sounds for the cat, or find the other sounds for it, then I will do a cry for it. Sorry this blurb is so long.)

    The icon is here
    Shiny version is here
    The actual mod by Xaviikinz can be found here

    Houndour + Shiny Houndour + Houndour Houndoom Splices as Dog (All the stuff I usually do has now been done with houndour. I'm running out of things to say in these blurbs. I'm quite proud of the splice, it being the first time I've done such a thing. UPDATE: Just added a Houndoom cry to the folder with the splice download. It just occurred to me it might be something people want.)
    dog - Houndour.png dog - Houndour Shiny.png
    Houndour + Houndoom Splice
    Stage 2

    The download link is here

    Umbreon + Shiny Umbreon + Absol Splices as Dog (I was doing Umbreon for another idea I had, and decided to do my usual stuff for it as well and post it. Just added my Absol splices that I've been working on! I'm quite happy with how these have turned out.)
    dog - Umbreon.png dog - Umbreon Shiny.png

    Splice - Absol Centric

    Splice - Umbreon Centric

    The download link is here

    Combos (I decided to make any combinations of my mods that I make by request available here. I probably won't add to this section unless something gets seriously requested. With these combined versions, make sure to reduce the name to just the "Cursors" or "Wave Bank" portion of the names for installation.)
    They can be found here


    To install these locate your Stardew Valley\Content folder and place dog.xnb in Animals, Cursors.xnb in LooseSprites, and Wave Bank.xwb in XACT.

    For shiny version, go into the shiny folder at the download link and use those files instead, but grab the Wave Bank.xwb from the normal folder as well.

    If you have another mod changing one of these already, then that part that has already been changed will not work unless you overwrite the previous mod. If you know what you are doing however, you should be able to edit them together. If you would like to learn how to do this go here for the wonderful guide I used to learn how to do this. If you want to edit the sounds in, the files I replaced for it are 0000013c.wav and 0000014b.wav for the dog, and 0000014c.wav and 0000014d.wav for the cat, so those are the ones you would want to take from my modified Wave Bank.xwb.

    Now that I have started listing dog and cat icons, I have made the decision, for now at least, to edit a cat and dog icon together if requested by someone if they really don't feel they could figure it out themselves. This may not last, and the only reason I'm doing this for now is because it doesn't seem like there will be too many requests for it.

    With the combined versions, make sure to reduce the name to just the "Cursors" or "Wave Bank" portion of the names for installation.

    If you do not want the dog or cat sounds replaced, then just don't download the Wave Bank.xwb file. The same goes for icons with the Cursors.xnb files.

    If there is a problem with anything, please let me know, and if applicable please try to get a screenshot of it.

    Constructive criticism is not only welcome, but requested.

    - IMPORTANT Learn to sprite
    - Add absol Done!
    - Maybe add ponyta as a pet
    - Find out file names for other dog sounds as well as any other cat sounds that might exist

    Cuss Removal (Made this at the request of someone here on the forums. If any other words are found that are considered offensive, I will see about adding to this.)
    Download here

    Pokedew Valley Title Screen (Another request from someone. The art is not mine. There are two versions: the first has only the "Pokedew Valley" text on the sign for the title screen. The second adds some more edits beyond that.)

    Download here

    Modern Bathhouse Tiles (A request by swpau to replace the tiles used for the bathhouse with some that they made. It should now be working, and belongs directly inside the content folder, not in the maps folder.)

    Download here

    Spouse Walls and Floors (Another request I've decided to take on, this time from GBDetective on this thread. This replaces a few wallpapers and floors with ones that match the add-on that gets built for your house when you get married. I now have walls and floors for all the current spouses. Abigail's wallpaper is already in the original, and her floor is the same as Sebastian's. Leah also shares Sebastian's floor. Penny and Elliott's floors are already in the original as well. There are other things like that, but I'm sure you can figure it out to be honest. To install it, you'll need to replace both walls_and_floors.xnb files found in the content folder and the maps folder.

    Download here
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    • Vixxi

      Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

      Niiiiiiinnnnnetaaaaaiiiiilllss <3
      Sorry, been my favorite pokemon since the beginning. Thank you so much for these!
      • bulbaswat

        bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Glad you like it! I hope to finish it with an icon and cry soon, but for ninetails cry, I have to locate another file or two in the wave bank or else it will be panting like a dog.
        • bulbaswat

          bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Glad you like it! I hope to do the icon and cry soon as well, and that should be simpler now that I know it is apparently okay for a fox to pant(?), maybe?
          • fdg21

            fdg21 Subatomic Cosmonaut

            cant wait hoping for purrlion and its evolve form, and maybe shiny ninetails, rapidash and ponyta omg that would be EPIC!!!
            • bulbaswat

              bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Just to clarify, as I am considering doing a few requests (basically all my time is free time at this current stage of my life), what is it that you want ponyta for? Someone else has already done a ponyta horse mod here, so was it something else you wanted? I could definitely consider purrloin and liepard, and already plan on doing shiny ninetales, but as for rapidash, that'll probably have to wait till I decide to get a horse in game so I could test it.

              Also, if there is a pokemon mod you want, the first place to check I think would definitely be on this page:
              They seem to have a nice roundup of all the current and new pokemon mods for Stardew Valley, so if your into this kind of mod, you should definitely see what's there and consider watching it to see what gets added :)
              • Qwynn

                Qwynn Industrial Terraformer

                Ah, so cute!

                I'd love to see a persian, liepard, and/or male pyroar.

                • bulbaswat

                  bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Okay, good news bad news.

                  Good news: I think I should consider doing persian since I believe I have seen more than a few people request it

                  Bad news: I don't think I'll be able to do liepard or pyroar, due to the fact that, as I said before, the way I'm doing this is with sprites from mystery dungeon games, specifically red rescue team, blue rescue team, and explorers of time, darkness, and sky, and I don't currently have any talent for spriting. I did close mightyena's eyes on a few frames though. Now if you could find a sprite sheet online for a gen 5 or gen 6 pokemon you want, and direct me to the person that made it, I could see about getting their permission to use it, assuming that the sprites fit within the boundaries imposed for the various animals.
                  • Qwynn

                    Qwynn Industrial Terraformer

                    Persian would be great!

                    Now I'm excited. =3
                    • The Mage Of Mist

                      The Mage Of Mist Phantasmal Quasar

                      There is this DeviantArt artist named PowerCrystal who makes custom Pokemon sprites. ^^
                      They are pretty awesome.
                        bulbaswat likes this.
                      • bulbaswat

                        bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        I took a look, and I'm so sad chandelure is just ever so slightly too wide for a pet :( (chandelure is a favourite of mine)

                        But I may try and look into that, in all seriousness
                        • FetchFactor

                          FetchFactor Poptop Tamer

                          Seeing as Ninetails is my second favorite Pokemon (Farfetch'd being my first), this was an instant download for me.
                          • bulbaswat

                            bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Glad to hear it!
                            • fdg21

                              fdg21 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              well i dont really wanna ride rapidash or ponta so if you could replace the cat or dog i thought it would be epic if you could jsut have them as pets
                              • bulbaswat

                                bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                I suppose I could do that
                                • bulbaswat

                                  bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  UPDATE: I have added ninetales cry to the OP. It is at the same link as the other ninetales thing.
                                  • bulbaswat

                                    bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    ANOTHER UPDATE: Added poochyena because someone requested it somewhere and it happens to be my favourite pokemon pretty much, so I made it right away
                                    • mvhnexus

                                      mvhnexus Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      i love the Ninetales! i hope you can add Vulpix and Fennekin too!
                                      • bulbaswat

                                        bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        Vulpix I can consider, but as I said in the OP, I have next to no spriting experience/skill, so I would need to find someone who had made fennekin sprites that would also fit the boundaries of the ones I'm using, and get their permission to use them. This is one of the things stopping me from getting goomy (another of my favourite pokemon) in the game. Although I was able to find a goomy spritesheet someone had made, it didn't look good enough to use to be perfectly honest.

                                        So for any gen 6 or gen 5 pokemon, I will need to find some sprites to use first, and get permission to use them. I was shown someone on deviantart who made some good looking gen 5 sprites, but I haven't got a response yet for permission, and they haven't been on in about 20 weeks, so it's looking unlikely for that.
                                          mvhnexus likes this.
                                        • bulbaswat

                                          bulbaswat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          Okay here we go...
                                          THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PATIENCE WITH ME!!!
                                            mvhnexus likes this.

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