RELEASED Bulbaswat's Pokemon Pet Mods (And Others)

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  1. HiHaHi123

    HiHaHi123 Orbital Explorer

    Thanks a lot!<3
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    • Destany89

      Destany89 Cosmic Narwhal

      hey i got a new laptop because the one that i had all my stardew stuff on died completely and i cant get the wave bank to work, im the one that wanted the persian and ninetales wave bank and cursors in april. everything else works but when i pop in the wavebank i get the stardew valley has stopped working. am i doing something wrong? i renamed it to just Wave Bank.xwb if im doing something wrong please let me know :) i still love my persian though it doesnt sound like persian lol

      never mind i accidentally deleted the period between bank and xwb and its working now :D
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      • fennectech

        fennectech Space Hobo

        I altered your absol to make the eyes look right Absol's Pupils are white not black :)

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