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After reading the pros and cons below, would you like to see the Butcher Shop option implemented?

  1. Yes! This idea would make SDV more interesting as an option!

    9 vote(s)
  2. I really don't care, makes little difference to me.

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  3. NO! Save the widdle animals!

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  1. Xamerzan

    Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

    Ok, I know this topic has been talked about a lot... but here's my thoughts on it (assuming no one's thought of this as of yet, but I could be wrong). Instead of the player being the one butchering our livestock, why not hire someone else to do it? After you get your first coop or barn, you'll be approached by a butcher who owns a shop not far out of town (who could be stationed somewhere near the bus stop or Pierre's so you can talk to him) and will offer his services to give you meat products from your animals.


    • This would be COMPLETELY optional! :nod:
    • You don't have to see what happens and you're not (physically) the one killing the animals. :sneaky:
    • You can receive meat as a product for making new/additional recipes for yourself or for selling. :proper:
    • Alternatively, you could just sell the animals to the butcher and you'll see some additional money for full-grown livestock (as opposed to selling them back to Marnie). :X
    • You have to say goodbye to your poor, cute, widdle animals... of whom you name before they come to live on your farm. :cry:
    • You'll have to live with your decision. :(
    • Marnie will HATE you forever! :saywhat:
    Yes, I figure if you do anything to hurt (or in this case kill) any of the animals you buy from Marnie, she'll hate you forever! You can still buy animals from her, but at an inflated price! This would allow the player to have to utilize the incubator in their coop or allow barn animals to breed. What do you guys think of this particular idea? I'm curious if this'd make for an interesting alternative to having to do the deed yourself...
    • nash579

      nash579 Astral Cartographer

      Is there actually stated in the game that marnie buys your animals? I didnt came across that yet I think.
      • Dzelda

        Dzelda Parsec Taste Tester

        Im pretty sure it wouldnt be a good fit, considering A. Marnie. And B. Selling your animals back to her kind of 'counts' as butchering seeing as you dont see them again. I dont think we need this ^^ Sorry.
        • amyhistoria

          amyhistoria Industrial Terraformer

          I really don't care about the lustful mistress of mayor.

          I think the butcher's shop would make furs, meats of different parts - which result in more recipes and clothes.
          • Xamerzan

            Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

            Hey! It's totally fine! Frankly, I only came up with the idea because it popped into my head the other day and didn't see anyone else bring it up... Tbh, I would rather NOT see butchering implemented into SDV. I think it's fine as it is. :)
            • Xamerzan

              Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

              Well, I mean where else do you sell the animals when you don't want them anymore? Makes sense to me that they'd go back to Marnie (even though it's not stated to be so).
              • nash579

                nash579 Astral Cartographer

                well they disappear in sparkles, in your imagination they might just as well go to a butcher. I don't think it would really offer that much,
                except new recipies, but since there are allready quite a bunch I personally don't think it is really something the game needs.

                However Coopmaster might aswell be called Butchery with incubation time cutted and sell price increase to please the meat freaks ^^
                • nevyn21

                  nevyn21 Cosmic Narwhal

                  I've always wondered in Coopmaster could be profitable from raising and selling chickens. I may have to try it someday.

                  On-topic: I would like to see something along this line to help flesh out the Rancher profession. A 5 heart animal sells for way too little right now. Take sheep. 8,000g for a baby one and a 5 heart adult sells for 10,500. That's only 30% profit, which is not enough to bother with compared to their wool production at 5 hearts.
                  • nash579

                    nash579 Astral Cartographer

                    Yeah its very underwhelming. Even worse in my oppinion that dinosaurs sell for the same as chicken.
                    Would be cool to earn money with a jurassic park :D
                    • bobucles

                      bobucles Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      As long as your barns have empty space you can breed more animals to sell. Quality animals sell for lots of gold! Hard to find the math on it though.

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