Modding Help Can we have your save files?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by ThatNorthernMonkey, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. TiamatXIII

    TiamatXIII Void-Bound Voyager

    Year 2, 22nd of fall.
    Pet cat
    One house expansion
    Chicken coop w/ 2 regular chickens, 2 void chickens, 2 ducks, 2 rabbits
    Barn w/ 2 cows, 2 goats, 2 sheep, 2 pigs
    Horse stable
    No spouse

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    • KayokoSalsa

      KayokoSalsa Void-Bound Voyager

      Year 1 | Fall 24th

      • 2 Silos
      • 1 Big Coop
        • 2 Chickens
        • 1 Dinosaur Egg working on being hatched
      • 1 Big Barn
        • 2 Cows
        • 1 Goat
        • 25 Kegs producing Pale Ale
      • First house upgrade
        • 17 Preserve Jars
        • Crystalarium producing Amethyst
      • Horse stable
      • Cat pet
      • Fruit Bats
      • 10 hearts with Abigail (with bouquet given)
      • Skills are at:
        • 10 Farming - Tiller & Artisan
        • 8 Mining - Geologist
        • 9 Foraging - Gatherer
        • 7 Fishing - Fisher
        • 8 Combat - Scout
      • Reached Floor 120 of the Mines (at Summer 3)
      • Tons of Quality Sprinklers and 1 Iridium Sprinkler being used (with another being in inventory)
      • Community Center Progress:
        • Boiler room completed before end of Spring
        • Vault completed before the end of Summer
        • Pantry has 1 bundle left before completion
        • Crafts Room has 1 bundle left before completion
        • Fish Tank has 2 bundles left before completion
        • Bulletin Board has 5 bundles left before completion
      • 2 Stardrops currently collected
      • Tools:
        • Steel Pickaxe
        • Steel Axe
        • Steel Watering Can
        • Normal Hoe (Starter)
      • 40k Gold on hand currently

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      • MidgetMan

        MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

        Thank you for this, I need saves as well for the Save Editor I work on.

        But my save is heavily modified from it, but here it is:

        And also a website would be better yes?
        After I am done working on a CMS/Api for the Mod Manager, I can maybe work on a simple uploader.

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        • Sverige

          Sverige Seal Broken

 i married Caroline but the game crashes for some reason the next day i think its because of to much hearts is there a way to decrease hearts or change wife? ops the save wont load at al now i altered the characters attack stats and such
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          • ThatNorthernMonkey

            ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

            Thanks for these :)
            • Goldenrevolver

              Goldenrevolver Astral Cartographer

              hey northern monkey. do you still need test material? because im currently at the end of year 2 of my latest playthrough and have backup saves every like 15 days from spring year 1 (yes i have a paranoia that something breaks ^^). was really useful when i got stuck in a chest from upgrading my house xD
              • ThatNorthernMonkey

                ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

                The more the merrier :) These are a help to *all* devs, not just myself so keep them coming :)
                • starsong

                  starsong Tentacle Wrangler

                  Save details: Year 1 Summer 25, Thunderstorm, Spirits very displeased
                  • Male farmer, Cat person, bat caves, non-upgraded house, 40k gold
                  • Crops: 1 Giant Melon, blueberry bushes, wheat, poppies, summer forageables (2 iridium sprinklers, 20ish quality sprinklers)
                  • 1 basic coop (2 white chickens, 2 brown chickens), 1 deluxe barn (3 brown cows, 1 goat, 1 baby goat), stables
                  • Unlocked skull key, Community centre mine carts
                  • Steel pick, steel axe, Steel watering can(Being upgraded to gold currently), copper hoe, iridium rod

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                  • Jinxiewinxie

                    Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                    Could someone please upload a save file that has the 2nd house upgrade?
                    • InPinkClover

                      InPinkClover Void-Bound Voyager

                      I manually save at least once a season, so here are a few of my games at various stages. No mods, but I tried the "change the cave" thingy a few times, files as marked.
                      File "Betty y3 s1 d1" has all house upgrades.

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                      • SasuraUchiha

                        SasuraUchiha Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        A few of my saves should have the second house upgrade. Just download and look them through.
                        • james0019

                          james0019 Void-Bound Voyager

                          why not download mine? you'll see.
                          • Jinxiewinxie

                            Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                            Hmm I didn't see yours on my first pass, I'll take a look

                            I did try yours before I posted but it kept crashing when on game load. Have you edited the save file?
                            • The DCG

                              The DCG Void-Bound Voyager

                              Here you go:
                              Female / Late fall yr 1 (24th or 25th?)

                              Cat, Horse
                              Fruit bats in cave. (Have cave extension mod with 2nd/3rd floor with kegs/jars/chests on second level. Dunno if that will break anything, or if it will even load, vanilla.)
                              Only missing 2 bulletin board bundles and one (winter) gathering bundle; 4 jumino stars.
                              Greenhouse unlocked, desert unlocked, "glittering boulder" unlocked, minecarts unlocked.
                              Mr. Qi Casino unlocked, skull caves unlocked.
                              Just got second house upgrade and millionaire cheevos.
                              L3 Coop 4 chickens, 4 ducks, 2 rabbits, 1 dino
                              L3 Barn 4 cows, 2 goats, 2 sheep, 2 pigs
                              Slime hutch (new) with 2 green and one blue slime (and 2 incubating).
                              3 Silos
                              Sam at 10 hearts with bouquet.
                              All skills lvl 10.

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                              • Goldenrevolver

                                Goldenrevolver Astral Cartographer

                                so what are you secrets to leveling so fast and being done with the game at the end of the first year? i only did 2 playthroughs: my first one simply ended in summer first year cause it was boring. my second one was until spring 1 year 3 with all bundles unlocked and maximum rating. i thought i was fast with being done with the bundles in fall year 2 but i wasnt even done with my skills in year 3. after that i started modding and now have more time in visual studio making mods and making footage for mod pages than playing. how are you power leveling so much?
                                • The DCG

                                  The DCG Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Mostly? Time mod. More time in every day means more mining, foraging, fishing.

                                  Just looked it up - that save has ~90 hours in it. TIME has been spent leveling those skills. Much time.
                                  • octoling

                                    octoling Void-Bound Voyager

                                    year 4, 1st of summer
                                    pet cat, 2 coops (1 max and one middle sized)
                                    1 max barn
                                    full house, married to sebastian with two kids
                                    community center completed
                                    mushroom cave
                                    mostly maxed out stats except for mining and combat which are at 9
                                    1 stable, 1 slime hutch
                                    plenty of fruit trees and crops growing, lots of animals
                                    dont have the casino quite yet
                                    maxed out every relationship except for willy and the other bachelors/ettes
                                    lots of other stuff im too lazy to list

                                    i play too much lmao

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                                    • taintedwheat

                                      taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                      year 3, almost the end.
                                      married to harvey, two children.
                                      biggest upgrade.

                                      one bundle left to complete x.x

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                                      • james0019

                                        james0019 Void-Bound Voyager

                                        4th day, Spring Year 1
                                        Single - antisocial
                                        All iridium-upgraded tools
                                        4 barns and 4 coops (no animals)
                                        3 slime hutch (no Slimes)
                                        max house upgrade with greenhouse
                                        Pet Dog
                                        each variant of of fruit trees have 15-18 planted others are growing steadily
                                        people with OCD please forgive me

                                        decorated rooms
                                        i suck at decorating

                                        no plants planted nor soil tilled.
                                        no processing machines crafted yet
                                        3 wells
                                        this is a custom-made savefile

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                                        • TheLochNessCheeseBurger

                                          TheLochNessCheeseBurger Phantasmal Quasar

                                          26th Spring, Year 3
                                          (A bit messy, lots of wild trees and not many fences on the farm)
                                          Iridium tools
                                          Maxed skills
                                          House fully upgraded
                                          Full hearts with everyone except bachelors/bachelorettes (bouquet given to Haley)
                                          Community center done (regular non-joja)
                                          Fruit cave
                                          Got a statue of endless fortune
                                          30+ outdoor slimes (all green) and Slime Hutch with 15 slimes (mixture of Purple, Red and Pink)
                                          Have a barn and coop with all animals except void chicken which is incubating
                                          Also have a bunch of wallpapers and flooring saved up in chests
                                          Giant crop (cauliflower) just grew as well

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