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    Boss: Cattail


    Cattail - Boss robot is used by management computer or a player, this is different in that the boss has different weak points, so it simply shooting at one place does not mean it is easy to defeat it.
    Boss uses the appearance of a cat and run it race cats or cat villain, also available from other races, the only other appearance, color and other details.



    Boss uses different weapons depending on the situation on the ground, he can use his hands and guns as well as missiles, bombs, missiles, air uses arrows, they induced the player when the rocket capsule divided,
    It has three types of missiles:

    Capsule rocket with bombs.

    Capsule rocket with a rocket.

    Torpedo for underwater locations.

    Gun at the boss of the two types, and laser guns with lasers he uses for short-and medium when you're on the ground.

    With the guns he uses them in hard mode, and they know how to shoot the earth, and in the summer.

    Just the boss has a secret weapon, he then activates it when his health is in the middle, the big gun nominated by turning his head, the front of his instrument is not so strong, but it can cause secondary damage to a player without protection.



    The boss knows how to run fast, can jump, and in the complex is able to fly its capacity depends on the situation and decide on the tactics of the battle, thus the battle with him more unpredictable and random.

    Like all bosses, this boss has a weakness, in the beginning it is a weak spot in front, then a head, then back, and finally his arms every time the boss will be more careful, but mistakes are possible, so to overcome it will not be easy, but it will be interesting.


    man pig.

    man cat.

    man turtle.

    human mouse.

    Man of rats.


    Man of pangolin.

    Different look and design of color.

    Random versions of the boss:


    Different generations of random bosses, like colors, and weapons.

    Pirate version:


    A little different and used by pirates, but has a pirate style and usually flames and skulls, weapons they have a very different and depends on the complexity and danger of the world.

    For hardmod mode:


    A more sophisticated version boss Cattail
    It uses more advanced technology, can fly and has a strong defense and weapons.

    Certainly a more aggressive look and different color, usually under military. Have a more professional level of cool weapons and their names:
    Random names so that they can have different features.

    For DoomsDay mode:
    Proposed ideas for boss mode:
    In this mode, the bosses have their own preference for weapons for the tactics and of course the style.

    The same is now more aware of what to use. Their names are:


    For DarkBound version boss:


    Created specifically for DarkBound and halloween version. predator hunts ready to pay by order of the Queen.

    P.s comment. discussing. criticize the grammar. Thank you for your support.
  2. Zailiner

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    Do you think you could get larger images? I can't see some of them very clearly.
  3. elisey777

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    Fixed. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. qazxcwe

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    Great idea but how does he spawn 0_o
  5. Bombzero

    Bombzero Giant Laser Beams

    looks great for one of those nigh-mandatory high tier robot boss fights in any sidescrolling game with guns.
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  6. tbear59

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  7. elisey777

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    Thank you. It is used by hunters and other races. appears and attacks by pirates, pirate version boss soon.
  8. Shock

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    These look so awesome!
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  9. elisey777

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    UPDATE: 3 for space pirates. There are many colors and military style.:)
  10. ChaoticGamer

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    why this version look almost like the video game call mech assault or mech warrior...
    hmmmm.....very very fishy...
  11. Bombzero

    Bombzero Giant Laser Beams

    Yeah I can kinda see the relation to the mad cat mech from MW.
  12. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    yea...I always been wondering this guy is..u know...breaking U.S.A rules?
  13. Bombzero

    Bombzero Giant Laser Beams

    No, i'm fairly certain the way intellectual property rights work the company cannot own the rights to "two legged mechs with shoulder missile launchers" or there would be far more lawsuits then there already are in America.

    I mean, it would be a little ridiculous if it was illegal for something to be so much as reminiscent of something else.
  14. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    for the truth the person who made MW can sue them >.> cuz they where made in U.S
  15. Haruhi Suzumiya

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    From the title I thought it was the plant from Plants Vs Zombies...
  16. Bombzero

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    I'm kind of saying that they actually can't. Trust me, U.S. intellectual property laws are not that screwed up.
  17. ChaoticGamer

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    yea that true...unless the other state command do the same thing like the U.S have in law, if Globe Union agree to this to be law to the earth, then thous guys would be super screwed, but they aren't going do that are they.
  18. elisey777

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    Sorry. But I invented a robot can not be like a mad cat. but perhaps there are some Easter eggs. my design was invented for the cat race. and so there may be different models for each race, the present model has only one rocket launcher on the back. But the main thing is my version boss is not related to the game MW.
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  19. Zetro

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    It's always nice to have giant robots and it'd be cool to see something like this attacking an Avian village, but for more reasons than the obvious cat eat bird thing.
  20. elisey777

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    Updated: Added random versions boss

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