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  1. Ayumi

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    Can be Questgiver, Civilian, or Vendor

    Centaurs mainly concern themselves with the protection of wild life and wood(or not so wood) lands.

    **YES This is more fantasy based then Sci-fi like Starbound. I dont care I like them.**
    (more to be added)​
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    Cool horse-bros, girl.
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  3. Ayumi

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  4. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut know there is pose to be male in there too, not all female. Anyway back subject, I say it is good start, is it art drawing or you really want it be a races to be in starbound? I am not making your hand to choose between such a thing, but it is your chose what you should capture people hearts loving this or make people enjoy in thought possible how many races are there (not races, racist).
  5. Ayumi

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    The 2 bottom are male >_> and I have this as a Npc not a race per say just someone that can be a vendor, questgiver, ect.
  6. ChaoticGamer

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    oh really? Sorry I must had one my eye blur out a bit mistaken bad. Also I think I am ok you said just being vendor or ect stuff. Lets hope no troll thinking mounting on centaurs that for sure.
  7. Ayumi

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    [​IMG] Round 3 :eek:
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  8. :wtf:

    Sprites are nice, concept...

    It doesn't suit Starbound. The entire feeling I get from it just seems weird and out of place, even for a game that doesn't take itself seriously.
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  9. Ayumi

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    i dont see how it wouldnt fit into the game. We have ape people, fish people, bird people, people people, plant people ect.ect. and that just the playable races. This would be strickly Npc non playable characters I really cant see it not fitting in.
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    but does it mix
  11. Lawls

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    Blend :)
  12. Ayumi

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    Everything always blends if you get the right mixer
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    A Blendtech is always good.
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  14. It's difficult to explain. It doesn't suit Starbound, becuase they are centaurs, and they resemble fairy/pixie-esque centaurs, instead of ones that you think you would find in space(?).

    Just like there shouldn't be sterotypical dragons, ogres, unicorns, vampires, gnolls, etc, there should, in my honest opinion, not be centaurs in the game.
    It doesn't suit the feel of the game, like the other races do.
  15. Lawls

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    Did someone clone the Starbound part of your brain and put it in mine??
  16. Tojo

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    But arent these just NPCs, also by the looks of some of the random gen monsters Centaurs arent much of a stretch.

    Great sprites by the way Ayumi, i like the colors and detail.
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  17. NPCs are far more important than a randomly generated mob.

    Also, yes, it IS a bit of a stretch. While some of those mobs may look silly, they all look like they're suited to Starbound.
    These do not. The feeling I get is wrong.

    They might work in terraria, or a different game, but they do not fit Starbound.
  18. Ayumi

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    You are entitled to your opinion. I believe that out of the hundereds of worlds to be genarated having a centaur or somthing similar isnt out of the ordinary. You dont think so and Im okay with that, I just dont agree, thats why I posted this thread, I think it fits. You dont have to defend your point. Thank you for your input.
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  19. TheGrayHunter

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    An interesting idea! Also, very well done art. I think the main reason why it might be taken as not fitting the theme is that it's something that is very much based on traditional (western) human mythology, which I would agree as being distinct and separate from the flavor of the game I've seen so far. While I do agree that centaurs are as entirely likely as monkey-men and poptops in a universe where life can take a million different forms, I suppose that the main critique is that it's just to... conventional?
    Regardless, you've done a great job with the art, and I look forward to seeing more from you!

    But then again, we have a whole race of robots based on medieval western culture, so really, who knows!
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  20. Ayumi

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    [​IMG] Different races as Centaurs.

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