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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Slaughterfest Sam, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Slaughterfest Sam

    Slaughterfest Sam Orbital Explorer

    What if we could play out specific scenarios? Some would force artifacts on you, others specific characters, and items, some a combination of all three. Challenges would occur on specific, custom tailored maps that would allow you to choose a limited loadout of items to bring into the fray. Unless a challenge outright states that an Artifact is optional, you're not allowed to tamper with the Artifacts in the loadout.

    Piggy Problems: How much bacon can you bring home before you're overwhelmed?
    Class: Player's Choice
    Items: 6 Ceremonial Daggers, player's choice of one Rare, three Uncommons, six Commons, and a Use Item
    Artifacts: Spirit, Origin. Optional: Glass
    Banned: Infusion, Captain's Brooch, Han-D, Engineer
    Drones: None
    The challenge takes place on an arena with two platforms, one low, one high. You'd start on the low. Toxic Beasts are spawning constantly, and quite out of your reach. In order to fight back, you have to launch spirit bolts from the Boarlits. The big pigs, in case an intrepid player eventually found a way to the top, would not drop any items - instead, your only item income is from Origin and those pesky interrupting imps. The goal is to last as long as you can!

    High Noon: They die quickly. So do you.
    Class: Bandit
    Items: 10 Crowbars, The Hit List, Ancient Scepter, Carrara Marble
    Artifacts: Glass
    Banned: None
    Drones: None
    You're dumped into the Contact Light right off the bat. The goal is to rush down Providence as quickly as you can manage it. Good luck, you'll need it.

    Drone Dash: You're tasked with an impossible delivery. Who orders THIS many drones!?
    Class: Miner
    Items: 5 Goat Hooves, Burning Witness, 3 Tough Times, Arms Race, Guardian's Heart, Drone Repair Kit, player's choice of three Rares
    Artifacts: Spirit, Spite
    Banned: None
    Drones: 20 Basic Drones
    The map is an obstacle course with pre-spawned enemies similar to Boar Beach. All the enemies have a heavy focus on AOE damage, and you have a swarm of Drones to ferry to the end zone. Scattered across this map are five more drones that can replace fallen goods - yours are far too expensive to even dream of repairing at this point. How many can you get to the end? How expediently can you reach your destination?

    If you have any you'd like to suggest, feel free to do so in a reply. Criticism is always welcomed as well!
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    • Omen267901

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      These all sound cool.

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