Boss Change the way how you have to Find/Craft them

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  1. WingedSpear

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    I find so lame the way how we have to fight the Boss's, we ''craft'' the boss's, wtf? o.o, im sorry but i find that so wrong, i am aware about keep the game playable permanently in multiplayer servers and singleplayer, so my solution allow you to fight them more than once, but not so often like now (because right now the boss's seems to be more like regular summoned mobs instead of boss's), so here is my suggestion:


    -My suggestion is be able to find the required items for craft the item that summon the boss, these pieces can be found in some dungeons at the deepest zone of the dungeon.

    -Once you find the pieces, you have to bring them to one specific altar (with altar i mean a place, it can be anything) that is generated in every planet of that specific Sector (so you can only summon the Boss in the tier planet where he belong, for example, the UFO is only for the Alpha sector)

    -So once you kill hem, he drop you the ship upgrade AND the item for craft better tools (so you cant craft the ship upgrade), at this way, the players are not going to be able to craft many Ship upgrades and transfer them betwen character, which is cheat, instead, they have to farm all the pieces again if they want to do that.

    -The only boss that can keep the current system is the UFO, because that have sense, but still be able to bring the UFO summon item to one altar, like one tower generated in the map for ''better transmission''


    -The players are not going to cheat transfering the ship upgrade to others so easily

    -Fight against the boss's is going to have sense, because craft the boss's is for real?

    -Little instances will be part of the game and they are going to be important, because right now the only thing that they drop, is money.


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  2. F-ranko

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    Nah, no thanks. I don't want to have to grind through dungeons for all the pieces of a boss on top of already having to spend hours looking for ores to make armor pieces every time I make a new character. Also, If I want to fight a boss as my OP char and transfer an item over to a new one, I think I should be able to have that choice without having to spend tons of time scouring planets for multiple dungeons and then being forced to actually fight through each dungeon and then after everything else having to fight a boss.
    Just my opinion though.
  3. WingedSpear

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    Well, Starbound is not a game made for casual players, is a game that is supposed to be a challenge, i guess you never played Terraria or Minecraft, there you have to grind WAY more than here, being lazy is not for this kind of game, theres already many easy games in the consoles, dont make Starbound another easy game.
  4. Whaleduck

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    The concept sounds nice but as for the "cheating over ship upgrades" part: If you want to do that and ruin your game then sure. But if they are going to add more bosses and have bosses that give off different loot then ship upgrades then sure you could do it like that!
  5. F-ranko

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    Don't make assumptions you can't confirm, buddy. I've played both Minecraft and Terraria to endgame(Although Minecraft I stopped after I beat the Ender Dragon. I 've never challenged the Wither).
    The problem I have with your suggestion is that it seems less like actual difficulty(Skill-based) and more like artificial difficulty(Time-based).
    All this suggestion really does is force me to spend yet more time on Alpha planets for pointless reasons. Not to mention that Tiy's said that some of these planets can take up to 40 minutes to traverse, so what happens if I die in a dungeon before reaching the end?
    I'm left with no boss part, and have to spend yet more time just walking across the planet to get back to the dungeon. Now, imagine I have to do this several times like you said I would have to, regardless of the long hours I've spent mining for gear and armor. Is that actual difficulty or artificial difficulty?
    All this does is tack on more pointless time to the starting planets of the game, and I don't think it's necessary.

    Besides, what if I want to play the game casually? Is there anything wrong with focusing on building over combat in a sandbox game? I think not.
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  6. WingedSpear

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    You answered yourself, so with my idea theres a real challenge, because like you sayd, what if you die?, so theres a risk factor, also travel from the spawn point to the dungeon is not hard once you get the Dash, and the dash appear very often, and like i sayd, the first boss can be crafted with the current system but still have to place hem in one altar, while the others need the parts, cause rarely ur going to have the Tech that you want in the Alpha sector, these little dungeons are pointless unless you want some gold, which can be farmed easily killing monsters, also with my idea, they are forced to place the boss in one altar, so theres less chances for the players for set one cheaty trap for kill the boss, so more challenge.

    And yes, i want a real challenge, i dont want this to be one easy game, i want it to last and be really fun, i want to have goals which keep me busy while having fun, i really hate the need of ores for craft your own boss, like ''buy your own portatil boss now!'', wew is so lame, and dont have sense to me, this was just one suggestion, but all what i want is delete the current boss system, and make them instanced based, boss's that have their own home and that kind of stuff but still be able to repeat them (because in terraria you can only kill them once), so this idea keep the instances while you can repeat them.

    Also what keep a live the games are the time that you have to spend on them and the multiplayer, reason why Terraria died, cause terrible multiplayer where everyone could cheat with no limits and the boss's were instance based, the version 1.2 just made terraria revive from death, but its about to die again. (and dont tell me that im wrong with no bases, you can read the developers saying that also read it from popular comunitys), i care about how long starbound is going to last, dont know about you if you like easy games, but i want this to last like Minecraft, 4ever.

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