Changing the way blocks work for the 1.4 update

Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by Armorine1983, Jan 17, 2019.


Which way would you like Chucklefish to handle the different block types

  1. Option 1: Matter Manipulater

  2. Option 2: Option to craft square or diagonal block type

  3. Neither

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  1. Armorine1983

    Armorine1983 Phantasmal Quasar

    I figure that there could be 2 ways Chuklefish could handle this one and they are:

    Add a feature to the Matter Manipulator that will let you change the shape of the block from a regular square type to a diagonal block type and vice versa.

    2. Just add the additional crafting ability with diagonal block type to the regular square block type so you can craft either one that you wish. The Elithian Race mod does this one and the example would be Elithian Glass (they give you the additional option to craft it diagonal like the Hull Panel.

    I personally like both ways to update the way blocks work but i think option 2 would be the better way to go (mainly because i think it would be easier to incorporate into the main game).

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