Story Charge of the Hylotl

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    During the second Human-Hylotl war, one of the last Hylotl colonys standing in the way of Hylotl extinction was preparing for battle.

    They all got on their Ocean armor and grabbed the Laser spears that was accustomed to their race. The many battles that took place before weakened the colony. The number of soldiers went from 700 to around 80. The Human ships were in orbit. The Galactic Federation was hired to assist the Hylotls. The 80 or so Hylotl and GF forces against two warships of human Soldiers. The human soldiers were trained to be the perfect killing machine. The Hylotl forces had to give the colony time to evacuate. Those willing to fight got whatever gear they could scrap together. The Hylotl respected the Mercenaries for fighting against their own. General Givaox Eventually met with his men to rally a speech. "Fight with me! Die with me! We shall never forget this fight, nor shall our race!We are outnumbered...Out gunned. Yet we haven't lost Hope yet, so I think we should fight with the hope that one day, we will win this war. One day we will be remembered as the 80 men who charged into battle without fear of death, but the bringers of it!". Cheers ran around the town plaza as they all jumped up on the Great Summer Koi's which they often rode into battle with. The Human Dropships already began to land, dropping me off on the shore, and setting Hover boats into the ocean. They knew how to bring a war. The Hylotl stormed the tanks with the Koi fish. Before they even got half way, the HoverTanks began to shoot explosive shells at the Koi fish. Some Hylotls Died , but the Galactic Federation was taking a bigger blow, for the mercenaries didn't know how to properly ride the Koi fish, thus, they were being killed more often. It didn't take long for the Koi fish to reach the HoverTanks. The Hylotls usually jumped inside and killed the driver and gunner, but once in a while the Hylotl would jump onto a tank, only to be shot off with a Pistol. Most of the Hylotls and GF Mercenaries kept riding onto land where the battle mainly took place. Hylotls charged in with the laser spears. Many lives of both Human and Hylotl were taken that day, yet everybody undaunted, everyone still fought on. Eventually, most of the Hylotls and Mercenaries were killed, and only general Givaox was left. The Lt. who was directing this battle got out his blaster pistol, and put the barrel up to Givaoxs's skull (Givaox was on the ground bleeding to death). As he began to pull the trigger, a loud roar interrupted him. In the distance he saw something rise from the water, it was the Colonial Ship taking off. As it went to space, the flagships targeted it. They began to fire, but 4 Hylotl Dreadnoughts jumped out of hyper-space. They released both Hylotl and Federation fighters to take on the Flagships. The battle began as the Colonial ship took off. But, thats not what this story is about. This story is about the brave 80 or so Hylotl and Federation Soldiers that gave their lives to let the colony get away.
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