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Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by globalcooldown, Feb 24, 2016.

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    When I first heard about Starbound I was super excited. I thought this was going to be an awesome game, and I was correct. However as I've played it I began feeling that maybe why I liked the game so much was that it was new. In my own head I started breaking down the game to it's core, and it felt a lot like terraria. Not that that's a bad thing, my cousins and I have 400+ hours sunk in terraria, but something that makes me go back to terraria instead of playing starbound is item sets. Getting the newest armor in Starbound is cool and all but it's linear. The whole point of a sandbox game is to have options and choices right? The only option you get is near the end tier armor, you can choose one of three 1) tanky armor 2) melee armor 3) ranged armor. It's not much. I know this game is still in beta, I'm not expecting it to be perfect, but I haven't heard anything or read any blog posts about a change to the gear. My simple suggestion is to if not add classes then add armor sets. Don't even make them craftable make it so that certain planet biomes are more likely to drop them. Or monsters from said biomes. Also I would suggest that there should be legendary item sets, and when you collect them all they buff both a ranged weapon and corresponding melee weapon. For instance if you get a certain armor set that buffs your rocket launcher damage, it would also buff your hammer damage. Or buff machine pistol damage, would also buff dual knife damage. I feel that this is something that would definitely make the combat way more enjoyable. Right now Starbound excels at exploration, and building (in my opinion) but the combat is extremely lackluster. Just some simple tweaks to gear, and drops make combat more of an experience and less of a grind. If you disagree with me please let me know why, I'm curious.
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    This isn't a Terraria comparison subforum so I won't really get too much into Starbound combat vs. Terraria combat. I'll put my spiel in spoiler tags.
    I would hold the opposite opinion -- that Starbound's combat feels a little more immersive and engaging than Terraria's likely did during similar points in production. This might be a certain bias in my corner as a predominantly melee combatant, but Terraria's system of combat felt over time to gradually devolve into "Spray bullets/magic/glowy melee attacks vaguely in the enemy's direction and fly, for the love of God, FLY," providing very fast paced combat at the cost of real strategy and melee identity. As it currently stands, melee in Terraria are not really melee -- they are ranged players that do not need ammunition.

    But before Terraria's combat reached that level of extravagance, it felt kind of sluggish in some areas, possibly even necessitating that climb into more and more over-the-top combat upgrades and boss fights by proxy (Comparing how radically different fighting the Eye of Cthulhu is to the Moon Lord helps). Where Starbound's groundwork for combat has something I can't quite describe that Terraria's lacked for me; fluidity and weight, necessity and emphasis on strategy in and out of boss encounters, and an approach to combat that makes you feel disadvantaged but adequately compensated for being either melee or ranged. Heck, you don't even have to be solely melee or ranged, and I love that.

    And that brings me to my main comment on armor sets in Starbound: I would enjoy greater variety in armor so long as adequate measures were taken to ensure that they didn't result in people being "locked" into one armor set or another. As it presently stands in Starbound right now, the Manipulator's, Accelerator's, and Separator's Sets are intended for certain builds, but no one is forced into choosing one armor set or another.

    Separator's makes the most logical sense for melee to use, but hey! If you want to use Cerulium and be a kill-them-before-they-kill-you kind of ninja melee person, then you go on right ahead and be a ninja! If you like using staves but don't like the idea of being terribly squishy, Separator's is right there for you. And if you want the "Goldilocks" option, Ferozium has your back.

    Armor that offers melee-specific benefits would be really cool, for example, but I'd really like to see more generalized armor sets that offer indiscriminate damage bonuses and perks right alongside them so people could be melee-heavy or dual wielding or mixing and matching as they please. Even now I think there is a portion of the Terraria community that considers the topic of armor sets divisive and controversial, and if Starbound could avoid that one way or another, I would be content.

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