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Discussion in 'Player' started by LackeDragon, Apr 4, 2016.

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    Is their a download?
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      Not at the moment, sorry!
      • rainrtw

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        I've been tinkering with a mostly CP version of this for the last week. It may be impossible to be entirely CP, since Content Patcher cannot modify some of the players textures. In SDV1.2 it can only really effect the hairstyles, but in the SDV1.3 ver it can do more, but still has limits.

        So for me I do a bit of CP and GetDresse/KiseKea. In this way all the main files are PNG's for easy editing to personal taste, and highly select-able in game.

        I will upload a version soon if no one objects.

        So far it:
        Has versions for SDV1.2 and 1.3beta
        Includes a large SkinTone pallet, with some grays, browns, dog and cat breeds, rainbow fantasy colors, and even some human ones at the end.
        Cleans up the blinking animations a bit, at least on 1.2
        Fixes the pixel gaps in some hair/ears
        adds some collars and other accessories
        Makes all Ear+Tail and Face options available via Get Dressed menu
        Has a CP config for swapping out Hairstyles (when wearing a hat you revert to the first species in that file, so for it to be foolproof need to edit config out of game as well as GetDressed InGame)
        Barefoot paw option for both genders, select-able in game.
        Allows both genders to use the skirt and dress bottoms in GetDressed

        oh and it finally gives the fox its distinctive White Tail Tip!
        Well it turns out I had to add it as part of the shoes, as its the only thing that allowed non-palletized overlays on the body. The pants cover it a bit, thus the White Tail Tip version has its own set of Hair, Bottoms, and Shoes... but I still think its worth it, but as a fan of foxes I am a tad biased.

        Seems like I am forgetting some things but yeah. I know I mentioned some of this a while back but life got in the way and I was derailed, sorry.
        Here now and got it all but done. Just testing it out now, ironing out animation bugs. Have not played much on 1.3 so testing on there will take longer.
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        • LackeDragon

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          It actually sounds like it fixes a lot of things!
          I will need to look more into it if it gives really those kind of opportunities o_O
          And if I have the time for that of course. Which is always the big problem since a while D:
          • *Kai*

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            Are you posting it to Nexus?
            • rainrtw

              rainrtw Orbital Explorer

              Well most of the neat stuff, having all species select-able in game, is from adapting the textures to use GetDressed/KiseKea.

              So far Content Patcher really is just helping swap hairstyles in 1.2 and can swap the default farmer a bit more in 1.3. It still cannot edit the SkinPallet in either sadly. Well it can, but it cannot make it larger, which is what I need. I would have like to be able to say it has no XNB content overtires. But it is a small matter in the end.

              As for the fixes... that was no magic, just me spending waaaaaaaaaaay to much time testing. That was made easier with CP and GetDressed, since having all the files PNGs makes testing much faster.

              Basically my little sister wanted to get into this game and that gave me a reason to spend a week of precious free time tinkering with it.

              It is not perfect. It may be better to have only one species at a time, switchable in CP config. Sadly some like white tail tip fox requires boots, hair, and pants edits which CP can't effect so long as GetDressed in running, as it overlays those areas. So for the non-GetDressed CP fersion for 1.3 it may be set up that way.
              So as it stands to be any other species is fairly easy. Change cp config to race (makes that the default hairstyle set) Then selected Face1 and the right nose in GD and you're done.
              For white tip fox, CP config, Face 1, Nose 2, Bottoms 11 or 12, shoes 5 or 6.

              So just an extra step. And a bit of funk when swinging a pick facing away. In that motion the Hair travels Down a lot, and the boots come up, thus I had to kind of fudge it a bit to make it match up.
              Had my sister test it and she didn't think it looked bad, but still not perfect, though not fixable due to limited size of the animation frames.

              As for posting it; I was going to post it here first for you guys to test then to nexus. With any luck I'll have something up today. For the final upload, was going to do have 4 variation, 2 for 1.2 and 2 for 1.3.
              1.2 xnb version
              1.2 CP and GD version
              1.3 CP and xnb pallet
              1.3 CP and GD version

              Been keeping the working files in that set up more or less for ease later on.
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              • *Kai*

                *Kai* Void-Bound Voyager

                So can I replace KiseKea with this?
                • rainrtw

                  rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                  Most of the fun stuff is delivered that way. So you would have to have KiseKea installed, then install this over some of it. It will just overwrite some of the Override files in KiseKea, the visual stuff. I will not in any way redistribute the code or any unmodified content of that mod, just the unique changes to it.

                  Also got a 'no pants' option working, in case you're version of furry is more on the toon side, AKA a universe without pants.
                  Also also got a no hair just ears option working for each race. Had to do a lot of pixel gap hunting, and padding out the base female head to fix em.
                  Just got some final image exporting, testing, and xnb stuff to do yet.

                  Also, kindly overlook my many spelling errors I am sure I missed so far. I have been typing and such far too much this week and my hands are quite sore.
                  • *Kai*

                    *Kai* Void-Bound Voyager

                    Well thanks for the good explanation. I'm looking forward to it.
                    • rainrtw

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                      Ooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaay, finally got things working stable and up on Nexus... I forgot uploading there is like applying for a loan, lotta forms to fill out, gotta dot all the I's and cross all the T's. But it is finally live to test. It should be good and stable, but I am sure some weird stuff is hiding somewhere... it always is. Spend enough time looking at anything and you go blind to it my grandma always said... sorry... ranting... its 4 am and I work tomorrow, but mod is up.


                      I should added more screenshots, but too tired now.

                      Also it doesn't have all the stuff I wanted to add, but it is more than enough to play with for now. Will add more accessories and neat stuff later when my hands have rested.

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                      • Sadet

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                        I just tried to use it and it's still giving me the same issue :/
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                        • rainrtw

                          rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                          Well its not an artifact of this mod, i.e. a furry player. I just triggered it with a vanilla human player and its pretty weird, kisses Seb on the eye lol. It is just an effect of Anthro Characters Continued. All frames of every character, must fit in the same box of pixels the normal player does. While with the player we can add stuff above that with hair to Add horns for example, on an NPC sprite the only way to add stuff to the top, is to shrink the character a bit. Hence you'll find if you unpack and overlay many anthro NPC's over the player they are a tad short... except for Demetrious, he is a beast.

                          You would think the logical solution to matching these sizes back up, is to shrink the player to match, but the player is not one easy sprite layer. It is a many layered construct and we cannot move many of those layers, like shirts at all. So for the moment the passionate kisses are adorable hugs and cuddles.

                          For my part I am down with that. It is still super cute to me and I don't mind a bit of slow dancing before the camera fades away lol

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                          • Sabs like "labs"

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                            I'm glad you did this. I found that my versions went missing and then things got busy. I'm sorry to everyone who was kept waiting by my promises. But this appears to be so much better than I would have done anyway.
                            • HopeWasHere

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                              Hey Raintw,

                              First I wanted to say that your contribution to the GetDressed/KiseKea project is great, you're really pushing the envelope on what can be done with your anthro farmer mod!

                              I've been messing around with KiseKea to add more options for players, and ended up coming up with another "anthro" farmer. I'm not really a part of the furry community, so I thought I would pass the files along to someone who might care about them. The files are for an elephant farmer, but the trunk gets cut off in places. I think the only way to fix this would be to make that part of the trunk part of a hair file, but there may be another work around. Like I said, I don't really care for the project enough to do what it takes to make it functional. I made it another face shape for KiseKea, so the config would just need to be changed to add it to the existing files. Feel free to use or ignore

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                              • DeathclawDC

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                                i have a request can anyone make a playable race out of abigal(she is a dragon btw) in anthro characters continued?
                                • rainrtw

                                  rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                                  Just doing my part to add a little more fluff to the game.

                                  I did that this morning. I am tinkering with a gryphon atm. WIll upload a new version soon I think.

                                  Hmm now these are interesting, but I can't think of a foolproof way to use them off the top of my head. As an xnb or cp only mod it would work, I think, but the way KiseKae/GD draws the layers, shirt pants etc, it would likely be what its cutting off your trunk. Adding it to hairstyles means it is there as a static object, and wouldn't move to match the animation file. I do like that the trunk moves and swings with the various play anims, but that may be a sticking point here. I will tinker with it when I have time, might figure out something. Worst case scenario the whole ear/trunk part could be a hairstyle, although as a static object. Either way I appreciate you sharing these.
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                                  • SCsoulcatcher

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                                    Requests: Dragon (if possible at all), Lynx/Bobcat, Lizard, Snow Leopard, and/or Lion/Lioness
                                    • trickyhunter213

                                      trickyhunter213 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      I love the ram/sheep. They are very cute. I would love to be able to play as one.
                                      • rainrtw

                                        rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                                        Dragon is done and coming in next version, maybe a day or so from now. Lizard and gryphon will also be in that one, as well as an Elliot style, I don't have plans for many cat varieties. I did work on the kitty ears a bit, to differentiate them more from wolves, and give them a bit more of a big cat look. Would be nice to make more, but each new addition takes at least 5 to 10 hours straight to do and line up with everything else, match up to hats, accessories, etc, and generally make sure it doesn't look silly in game. I will be tinkering with a cheetah face cause holy cow Jodi and Vince are cute kitties lol.

                                        Ram and sheep are playable in next version, although there will not be many hair option for them, just the Pam and Penny style. Still I think they are very cute. It is just a lot of work adapting other hairstyles to them.
                                        • Bonabopn

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                                          this sounds like a lots of work you are doing! thank you for contributing to this project c:

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