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    so here is my problem: i really wanted a certain halloween terraria item but in steam noone apparently has it or has a spare one. the item i am talking about is the guy fawks mask and i was kindof not seeing the point of registering on a sepperat terrariaforum instead of just going to the chucklefishforums where i already have an account and where we have this offtoppic area ^^

    so if annyone has a spare mask i could maybe give them 2 platin or something like that ( i have no idea what would be equivalent in value)

    (sorry for bad english i am german)
  2. Zerukoba

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    You could just cheat it in, wouldn't even require downloading software for it. You can do it through the browser.
    You could change your system clock to Halloween and get it semi-legit that way.
  3. Hel

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    I have an extra one if you like,

    If you want it let me know
  4. lardmuffin

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    Just cheat it in.
    All season restricted things from any game is BS imo.
    Except Animal Crossing. At least in that game it makes sense.
  5. Chris1488

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  6. lardmuffin

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    Yeah, I'm playing it.
    The seasonal events, like the Christmas one, and then the Mardi Gras one are my favorites.
    Oh, and my second day in town, the 27th, was my birthday, so it was celebrated.
    Currently I'm trying to pay off the 39,000 dollar loan.
  7. Xylia

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    @OP: If you're playing the PC version, simply download the Builder's Workshop map (you can find it on the TCF). It has every item in the game.

    Or, as someone else said, you can change the system clock to fool the game into thinking it's time for Halloween.

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