Modding Help (Content Patcher) How to customize / modify non-removable vanilla furniture?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by NatrollEXE, Mar 1, 2020.

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    I have several custom furniture mods for content patcher, but I can't change, for example, the kitchen counter, the stove, some bathroom items ... I buy from the catalog but I can't replace or customize items that can't be removed of the place, but I see that many people can do it without any problem.
    It's a silly question, but ... Could someone teach me? ...

    ... :oops:

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      The support forum is for bugs or technical issues with the game; as this is a mod issue I've moved this to Stardew Valley modding.
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        Hello! New here, I'm going to piggyback this feed if that is okay? I Just recently started using Mod Drop which is a little easier for me to install mods to Stardew, as I learn more about this code.
        I had successfully installed the interior mods I wanted to use, but as soon as I upgraded the house 2 more times through Robin, it removed the mod color for the kitchen wood and the lower part of the wooden walls and left everything else.

        Is there a way to override this with a different mod AFTER the updated house? Because I have no mod code errors. Or can someone help me recolor the kitchen? It did the same thing for my "Gothic Double bedframe"

        Thanks so much in advance!

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          Does anyone know how to get the beds to change for the Yellog's dark wood and cream mod pack? I downloaded the remade version but it doesn't have a config file and I can't get it to make one, I think the remake is for the CF version with the optional file that changes the kitchen and bed? I also downloaded the original version which has a config file and has a farmerbed "clean, normal, disabled" option but that still doesn't change the bed, and now if I don't have both versions the furniture looks wonky. Any help would be appreciated, if I can't figure it out is there another mod that changes the bed that you guys would recommend?

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