Mob Convicts with chairs

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by MunKy, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. MunKy

    MunKy Void-Bound Voyager

    Please have a seat and listen to my gripe about convicts with chairs.

    Im not keen on the convicts with chairs being, so far, the hardest enemy in the game.
    Really, they are the only thing I fear. What do they make these chairs out of?!!!
    They do more damage than any of my legendary purple weapons and they do more damage and seem to take more damage than heavily armoured, trained soldiers.

    Please nerf the chairs, Im taking a stand up stance on this one and I hope you dont just sit on my suggestion and wait for the music to stop...

    Ok ok Ill stop it now
  2. ShinigamiX

    ShinigamiX Big Damn Hero

    I've never had a problem with convicts using chairs. Infact I found them rather easy to deal with. Then again it has been awhile since I've dealt with them but unless the chairs made op during that time or armour was completly nerfed it just means you aren't tackling the situation with a strategy and instead you should figure out ways to stop those chair users from getting close.

    Maybe you could box yourself in with dirt and then dig out a single square to shoot from?
    Of if the chairs are really that op then you just have to take down one and you'd be able to take out the rest with ease.
  3. MunKy

    MunKy Void-Bound Voyager

    They did rework the armour and weapons system recently so yeah, its changed.
    Also this is in a prison which is protected by a generator.
    I can kill them and it actually made me a better player but it really breaks immersion when I just facerolled a bunch of trained Klux soldiers in power armour with laser weapons by standing still and laughing while I smack 5 to death at the same time yet I go into a prison with convicts and faceroll any convict who is using a gun or knife but a chair wielding convict (all not in any armour at all btw) runs up and hits me a few times and Im pretty much nearly dead. Just feels really out of place.

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