RELEASED CP Improved Horses ( another horse recolor )

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    Improved horses - 4 colors of horse with improved running animation

    The better running animation is from this mod: by avalitor slightly changed by me.

    I also changed the shape of muzzle in frontal view and saddle in frontal and back view.
    There are 4 colors of horse ( original, white, grey and brown ) and 4 colors of saddle ( original, blue, pink, green )
    Each variation is available with easy config.json edit.



    Sadly, because i changed the height of the horses head hats don't look right on it :c (not that i care much because i don't use hats on my horse anyways px )

    Download on nexus:

    1. Unzip/extract downloaded file
    2. Paste into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder
    3. Edit config.json with your chosen horse color. ( Default is brown with green saddle )

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