WIP Craftable Flower Box Decorations

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Lavapulse, Mar 14, 2016.

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    me to ^0^
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      Me three! ^^
      • arrrtsay

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        • suzannemonroe

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          i want this so bad :(
          • Lavapulse

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            Update: I made some simple gold and crystal (quartz) lamps to compliment the wooden and iron ones we have in the game, and the recipes for them work fine. It seems the flower boxes have trouble consuming flowers... probably because the crops are unique in your inventory. Cooking recipes, on the other hand, have no problem finding and consuming crops. In the future I might find a way to use this.
            In the meantime, I could release the files as-is, and you could throw away the flowers yourself after you craft the planter (so it doesn't feel as cheaty). You can't sell the boxes so it wouldn't break your game immersion too much. The problem is, you'd have to edit your save to "teach" your character the recipes.
            Because save-editing is more complicated for people, I'll probably release these once I've implemented custom recipe handling in the modtool I'm working on. That way other people can make custom objects and recipes too!
            • saladd

              saladd Void-Bound Voyager

              That would be really awesome if you share! people was asking me to make garden hedge mod that i made not replacing the wood fence instead using it's own recipe, but i don't understand complex scripting/ programming, so i definitely will wait for it to release :))
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              • Lavapulse

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                Yeah, I was thinking of making the flower boxes as fences too, since that would be more dynamic. The default is that the sprites are all drawn from the big craftables sheet with their index corresponding to the location. I'm not sure yet though how the game specifies what uses its own fence sprite instead.
                • Jadezaera

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                  Lovely mod - hope things go well for you!
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                    where download ...?
                    • Lavapulse

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                      No download yet.
                      • vhaziri

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                        I'll have to keep my eye on this, looks super cute and can't wait for it to be downloadable!
                        • Canadaly

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                          I'd love the flower pots <3 The only thing I can use to decorate my farm are the tub of flowers and they look beautiful, but only bloom in spring & summer... Please keep us updatet on the flower pots =)
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                          • endermaryn

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                            I would love to get my hands on the gold and crystal lamps. They look so shinny! I hope you make those available too.
                            • RozanePasteru

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                              Wow . let me know if your finished :0
                              • Jokerine

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                                Please consider releasing this mod! <3
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                                  This is awesome! Can't wait until it becomes available! <3
                                  • Coolwyngs

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                                    I love this. I hope you put it out soon.
                                    • Sarahfiren

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                                      I hopes this is still being made been waiting for this ^-^ looks amazing
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                                        Any chance this will come out someday? I love the idea!
                                        • Balentay

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                                          Hi! Are you still working on this mod? I'd love a download link, even if its filled with bugs c:

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