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    So I recently Downloaded the save editor program and it said to back up your files before using it but I Didn't find the folder called Saves but I didn't pay attention and it said it was in the AppData but I just said "YOLO" and it I edited my save. But when I went to play it kept Showing a black screen then showed the people who worked on the game. I deleted my save and I don't know how to get it back. I tried navigating to the steam cloud but I can't find it. Someone, Please help. You can give me 2 options. 1. Send me a copy of your Save file. 2. Tell me who to get my save back.

    My save had 600 gold, A coop, A dog, and I was called Jackson. I don't care what the land looks like if you send me it and it's like this then Thank you!
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      I'd just start a new game, my friend. It doesn't sound like you were too far along and I start new games all the time just for fun :)

      BTW... I can't tell from your post whether you overwrote your save file or actually deleted it. Try checking your recycle bin, though?

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