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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by captainrumbarrels, May 12, 2018.

  1. captainrumbarrels

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    As is written in the title.
    1. I've created a dungeon with Tiled using the example mission from the star bounder wiki.
    2. Before I create a fancy world, I'd like the world to be able to be visible in the player's ship teleporter bookmarks the same way the outpost book marks are.
    3. I'm playing around with the assets/interface/warping/<teleportername>.config to see how this works since I'm new to world building.
    4. I am not trying to create a mission. I am creating a dungeon that has player mode access via the ship's teleporter. Think of this dungeon as a duplicate of the outpost.
    5. I'm not looking for the /warp instanceWorld:<worldname> command.
    Any advice on how I should go about this? I'm sure this is a lot simpler than it is.
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  2. projectmayhem

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    Id start by looking at the gaterepair.questtemplate and qgaterepair.lua in the quest folder.

    I think this is the important part of the lua


    the questtemplate has
    "outpostBookmark" : {
          "bookmarkName" : "Outpost - The Ark",
          "targetName" : "",
          "icon" : "outpost",
          "target" : ["instanceworld:outpost", "arkteleporter"]

    So you will need to make a mission, that starts automatically, that adds your bookmark.
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  3. captainrumbarrels

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    excellent! Thank you very much good sir!
  4. captainrumbarrels

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    I managed to patch the assets/interface/warping/arkteleporter.config file successfully!


      "canBookmark" : true,
      "bookmarkName" : "Outpost - Ark Ruins",
      "includePartyMembers" : true,
      "includePlayerBookmarks" : true,
      "destinations" : [
          "name" : "Beam to Ship",
          "planetName" : "",
          "warpAction" : "OwnShip",
          "icon" : "beamup"

    My Patch:

        "op" : "add",
        "path" : "/destinations",
        "value" : [
          "name" : "Galactic Shipyard",
          "planetName" : "Asteroid Base Silver",
          "warpAction" : "InstanceWorld:galacticshipyard",
          "icon" : "default"

    This simply means I need to use the Ark to get to where I want but never the less, a successful link from the vanilla outpost to the custom outpost I made.

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  5. projectmayhem

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    Great job!
  6. TypicalStarbounder

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    k so how do you make your own planet thingy? i wanna make one too now

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