NPC Creeper's Guide to Wooing a Lady.

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by TheCreeperCyborg, Aug 18, 2016.

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    First off i will start by saying, if ur gonna give the girls boobs, you gotta let us ************** . wow my sober-minded self is gonna have a hell of a time explaining that one to the mods, anyway after that sick joke i'd like to make my point:
    you should make an update, or someone out there that actually cares should make a mod, a bit of an NPC+ if you will, basically adding more depth to the people around you than just: "an annoying repetetive phrase that we say over and over making players think we have some form of mental disability" in other words, npcs should have a generated "personality" and you should be able to engage in speach with them, and you should be able to woo the opposite gender, and have a bit of a permenant follower than can assist you in speach, (crewmembers included, and like depending on there jobs they have different ways of assisting the player's point, for instance if its an outlaw they will be real aggressive) in a speach system similar to fallout were you can have differant options of what you'd like to say. thank you, this has been Creeper's Guide To Wooing A woman.
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    Thing is, they already have personalities randomly generated. However, they had to set some features aside for the 1.0 release. Among these include NPC conversations and more in depth interactions. However, it would be interesting if a player could actually have conversational dialogue with NPCs.

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