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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Midnight Tea, Apr 13, 2019.

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    In larger or more defensive games, I don't get a chance to use my commander's groove nearly as often as I do on smaller maps. It's actually why I argue Valder doesn't have diminished used on larger maps, if just because he actually gets to fire off his groove very often even in those circumstances. Ones where most commanders wisely tuck themselves into the backlines when dragons and giants start coming out to play. They only only rarely emerge to snatch easy risk-free kills.

    My thought maybe is that if a larger game turns into a very defensive standoff, perhaps something again to creeping/jungling could come into play, where either side might take their commander on a short diversion killing weak neutral enemies to build and spam their groove. I think this could add an extra layer to such large battles because one would have to protect their commander while they're doing this and it could facilitate springing a trap or the like if you can predict when the enemy is going to do this and have a means of hiding what you're doing. (i.e. fog of war shenanigans)

    The creeps might even respawn after a few turns if the battle is particularly long. But the idea would be that if you're very slowly losing a protracted war of attrition, you could use your commander this way as a gambit. As I alluded above Valder probably wouldn't need to do this because his groove is as available as tapwater. But some commanders like Tenri could really swing a losing battle doing this.
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      I've never heard the terms you're using before "creeping/jungling". Could you explain?

      Besides that, I have to agree with you that there needs some additions to buff slower charging grooves. Or perhaps Valder's groove could be toned down. He's a dominating force on many maps, though it's possible we haven't discovered the correct strategy against him. Right now I've been resorting to adding opposing side capped villages for commanders to attack for free groove charge during cap phase. Other ways are adding gates to maps.

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