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Vanilla (No Mods) Crestfall - Whitelist RP

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Miasma, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Miasma

    Miasma Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  2. MooKun

    MooKun Aquatic Astronaut

    My friend told me to not check this server out after I found it, and I really should've listened to him before I did, because god is it one of the most mismanaged servers I've ever joined.
    Admin started talking about how he never bans people who try to talk to him ( a boldfaced lie, btw, I went and talked with some other people who've been banned from there and basically all of them were able to give me a similar story of what they experienced ). I pointed out that he banned a friend of mine, CapsedMoe, solely for also lurking in another server that they happen to be "competitors" with, as petty as that is. After this, he tried to lie to my face many times about him, and each time I was able to prove him wrong immediately with evidence. He ended up claiming that my friend was banned for a "negative review" that was left on their server. Of course, he spent about thirty minutes trying to find "proof" of this review, and when he did, he posted a reply that my friend made to another server, before CrestFall was even registered on this website. (the screenshot, by the way, is of terrible quality, almost as if he was trying to make it as difficult to read as possible - it contains none of the things he said it would). I pointed this out, and he said "oh whoops, my bad", and then tried to delete it, as if to hide his attempt at such a terrible lie. The internet is forever, though, which sucks for liars like Caf. I ask for him to just unban my friend, seeing as he has no evidence for any of the claims he made. A reasonable thing to ask, no? Clearly not in the eyes of someone with Caf's level of mental fortitude. He immediately spent the next few minutes trying to find any way he could to get rid of me. They ended up settling on the idea that my discord account was "too new". I suppose people aren't allowed to be new to discord as a web-chatting service on CrestFall, either. I ask if this is the case, and before I know it, I'm banned.
    Someone was able to get a hold of me and get these precious gems of things their owner had to say about a man who just wanted to know why his friend was banned for no reason, and without any communication.

    All in all, the admin of this server is rude, a boldfaced liar, and clearly has some kind of grand delusions about himself.

    >My conversations with Caf
    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/229326648070242304/469764783147581450/unknown.png < the posts about "the review"
    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/225144275376144384/469772010013065217/unknown.png < "the review"

    >What caf said about me afterwards

    https://imgur.com/a/nTe5TGq < CapsedMoe's conversation with Apple and Caf, mod and owner of CrestFall
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  3. Taphy

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    In my experience Caf has a major superiority complex, he designs his characters to be unbeatable so he can have full control of the server. He neglects many of his own rules and has impulsive and poor judgement. 0/10, I'd rather rp on ilb.
  4. Return To Earth

    Return To Earth Space Hobo

    uhh its saying download mod pack. AND IT SAYS NO MODS ON This forum
  5. Return To Earth

    Return To Earth Space Hobo

    and i cant seem to find the "MOD PACK" for this server--(link is not working)

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