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    Hi , i have heard about multiplayer mode coming out soon and how you can marry other players on it, but can you play with people not on your platform ?And if not you should be able to! I play on ps4 my best friend plays on xbox and my boyfriend is a pc gamer. We all love stardew valley and would love to play together but unless cross platform happens it never will.

    Thanks for reading all that.:nuruhappy::lickitung:
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    • Reneeisxena

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      This would be awesome. Most people I know who love Stardew Valley play on PC but I have it on my PS4. It would be so great if it could cross platforms. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it happens, if not this year maybe next!
      • Bamboozler

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        Chucklefish seems to have the resources for being cross-platform (refer to Wargroove). It would be amazing to see a cross-platform update to SDV. I'd imagine it bringing a lot more people into the game.
        • CodyMKW

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          would be nice for PC,Xbox, and Switch users if cross-platform happens

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