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    Conteratops crystallinus ("Grinding Horn of Crystals")
    Once erroneously called Diamondbacks, these rhino-like beasts are as their name suggests; creatures with crystal formations covering their backsides.

    Despite their fearsome appearance, Crystalbacks are not carnivorous animals, rather petravores (Animals that eat minerals like stone). Their bodies are covered in a stony plating alongside their crystal protrusions, with powerful mandibles used for crunching up rocks and crystals. The crystals on their backs are developed from the minerals they ingest daily, growing larger the more they eat. Depending on the minerals eaten, the crystals growing from their backs change accordingly in conjunction to it. Some examples include the crystal formations turning into red, blue, and white colors when a Crystalback consumes rubies, sapphires, and diamonds respectively. This has provided a grand number of different color variations of Crystalback gemstones.

    A healthy Crystalback has a shiny formation, further brightened by much crystal consumption. The crystals can actually be harvested for use in jewelry and other products, growing back as the Crystalback feeds. However, the one crystal that a Crystalback will not allow to get collected is its massive horn crystal located on its head. The largest horn crystals often denotes the leader and strongest of a group. This is a deadly weapon, which with a Crystalback's quick temper makes this seemingly peaceful petravore a dangerous creature. When angered, they charge blindly towards the threat with an earth-shaking tackle, crushing bone in the process.

    While found far underground and rare on the surface, Crystalbacks have been introduced to new environments as of recent events, notably the gem-loving Glunaught planet. Some have even been bred by the Glunaughts to specifically produce treats called 'Rock Candy' from their backsides. This sugary rock-like snack is a popular food item that is in high demand in Glunaught society. There are rumors that there are even variants being bred by Darkbound forces that grow Void Crystals on their backs...

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    Look awesome Dragonith, once again I cannot really find a flaw in your suggestion...
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  3. The Demon of Borders

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    Okay, let me check my "Dragonith posts a new thread" guide. Like the thread, post a comment similar to "Yes. Just yes.", wonder why the devs haven't hired him, rinse and repeat.

    Alright, I think I'm ready.

    Time to go to the corporations forum.
  4. Bombzero

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    Heh, I mean I almost don't want to reply lest I break the "don't make useless or one word posts" rule, but I just can never really think of anything overtly negative or positive to say about his ideas, they are just generally really nice.
  5. YES.
    Because every game needs crystal monsters.
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  6. Ghostar

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    It looks like its made of Emeralds... I love Emeralds. ;w;
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  7. The Demon of Borders

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    It can be made out of any crystal, apparently.
  8. Tails7712

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  9. Sirnak

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    Awesome work. :D

    Looking at the Crystalback somehow makes me believe that your suggestion could have been friend with my very own entry at the Monster Monster Contest :

    Crystal on the backs is so fashionable, ya know. :rofl:
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  10. Oricalcum

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    Dragonith, I can't all this awesome you are posting, I think you need to see a doctor.
    The Doctor...
  11. Nirn

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    Glunaught ambassador: Squeeeeeeeeeee omgomgomgomg we love it so much!
  12. CommanderCnicko

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    Yay emerald mob!:DD
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  13. Looks kinda Pokemon-ish...
    *examine Dragonith's DA page*
    Oh, that explains a lot.
  14. Mianso

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  15. Shiokuri

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    Nice, looks awesome! Although sometimes monsters like this don't go along with the game, since they don't drop crystals (would be too OP :p), but then have crystals on their back :/
  16. Oh? Do elaborate. How would crystals not fit in with the game? We do have a Crystal biome iirc.
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  17. GunmanRex

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    Looks Awesome! But now I'm wondering if there are ones for different biomes, like this would be the basic cave one well one on a lave planet might have obsiden or have Big Red "Lava Lamp" one that makes the surrounding area light up; maybe they would drop a special crystal that can be made into a disco ball thing that when light is focused on it it would spread greenish light everywhere, and again overal nice job:up:!
  18. Well, I mentioned their crystals vary on what they eat, so there's that for some variety. Oh, and the warped Darkbound version as well. :p
  19. Zeklo

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    Emeralds are my favorite gemstone, great work as alway dragonith!
  20. centor111

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    I know I'm not supposed to do this but this is all of my post: awzome

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