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Would you like to see more detailed and artsy environments in starbound?

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  1. BunniEars

    BunniEars Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I like the whole idea of each planet having its own set of animals/creatures, yet i feel like there should be some more sort of "background creatures" that don't really have any effect other than for decoration purposes, and maybe to make forests feel more lively, Like cutting a tree down in the forest and having a flock of birds/bats/geese... whatever flying out of it.:)

    Along with background creatures, there should be more things in the foreground, as in showing up in front of the player. Im sure all of you players have dug into a pile of sand and have been buried? It goes without saying that your player shouldn't show up in FRONT of the sand, right? (because it doesn't). Walking through a forest and feeling your player walk behind bushes, or other small things on the ground (rocks, small tentacles, etc.) would let you feel a lot more submerged in your environment. (In the middle of writing this i realized that this should really belong in a different suggestion category.:unsure:)

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