RELEASED Deric's Junimo Enchanted Greenhouse - A simple, lore-friendly expansion.

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  1. Dericwadleigh

    Dericwadleigh Orbital Explorer


    Are you tired of the greenhouse being small after two or three years? Does the fact that it isn't fantastically spaced for iridium sprinklers set you into a frothing rage? Me too. So i learned map editing and fixed it.



    It is larger on the inside, so either the Junimo's are getting better or they met a strange man in a blue box.

    With 8 5x5 tiles for planting, you get a fantastic 200 tiles. Compared to the original 120, this is not an exceptional enhancement, nor is it too cheat-y, but it is much better laid out. The greenhouse also comes with six specific tiles for planting fruit trees or perhaps just six more tiles for blueberries...

    Be warned, any tampering with the Junimo's enchantment placard may cause an unexpected implosion of the greenhouse, thereby annihilating anything held within. So in otherwords, do remove everything from your greenhouse before installing or uninstalling this mod. You do so by placing the contained file, Greenhouse.xnb, in your install folder at StardewValley/Content/Maps and it should work just fine.

    If you find any issues or bugs, please tell me about them and then tell me how to fix them as this is my first mod and I have no friggen idea what I am doing. Thanks!

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    • Minnue

      Minnue Big Damn Hero

      This one is pretty cool! I'm struggling with a good crop layout now that I have the hilltop version but this could definitely save me some space in planning long-term!
      • CheekyPeach

        CheekyPeach Aquatic Astronaut

        This is amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Thanks for taking the time to whip this up! :nuruhype:
        • Caudyr

          Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

          Oh nice. 8 slots probably IS a bit too big, but I understand why it was done this way (so that the 6 tree locations can be fit in the middle and stuff, heh).

          I'll gratefully use it, though! :D $$
          • Kagea

            Kagea Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            This looks really good great Job! Love that you put tree slots in it :)
            • Ailsaek

              Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

              This is nice, I wish I'd seen it sooner.
              • Minnue

                Minnue Big Damn Hero

                Would you consider doing a version without anything along the edges or would you mind sharing which tile sheets you used so I could make a personal edit that removes them?
                • Zalkyria

                  Zalkyria Existential Complex

                  Its most likely under maps. You can try there. Let me know if thats where it is.
                  • kavikalyn

                    kavikalyn Intergalactic Tourist

                    This is the best greenhouse mod there is! Thank you so much for making this!
                    • Badir

                      Badir Big Damn Hero

                      If you were able to make a version without anything in the edges could you share with us? :)
                      • bararaqsigh

                        bararaqsigh Void-Bound Voyager

                        When I try to go into my greenhouse, I end up stuck in the wall before the greenhouse, until I move left far enough to hit the door, at which point I warp out of the greenhouse again. I'm honestly not sure what's going on.

                        Edit: Nevermind, this seems to be a problem from elsewhere, as even with the vanilla greenhouse map I'm having this issue.
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                        • zeruiah

                          zeruiah Space Hobo

                          What am I missing here? I see that the title of the mod literally says Junimo, but they aren't harvesting my crops. Is there something I need to do to spawn/get the Junimo's to start working?
                          • shardie

                            shardie Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Since the Junimo are the ones that fix the greenhouse in-game, I think the title of this mod is referring to that, as if saying that they also magically made the inside bigger than the outside. I don't think there are actual junimo harvesting the things planted inside.
                            • zeruiah

                              zeruiah Space Hobo

                              Ahh, ok. Thanks for this info. I was hoping for something that allowed me to have Junimos inside the greenhouse.

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