RELEASED Dialogue Template for Beginners

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Mayaka, Oct 4, 2017.

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    This thread can be deleted.
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    • .Lavender.

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      Excellent job! This is a very useful modding resource, thank you!
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      • Karmylla

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        Thanks so much for sharing this Mayaka! I'm sure many will give it good use :)
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        • HopeWasHere

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          You are a lifesaver, this is exactly what I've been looking for :D
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          • LuthienNightwolf

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            I've tried dabbling with this stuff before and it was NOT easy, so thank you for making something like this, I'm sure it will be really helpful! :)
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            • Coolhandlukeboy

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              Wow, this is such a nice thread. I wish I had this available my first time around. I finally figured out stuff by trial and error and this would have saved a lot of time. I wasn't aware of how to change marriage dialogue for someone like George reacting to Alex marrying you.

              I have a couple questions, and I'm not sure if you can answer them or not, or if you are keeping up with this thread anymore.

              1. The default George dialogue that came with the game has something interesting to me for the dialogue for marrying Alex. One is his anti-husband at 0 hearts and his pro-wife at 0 hearts. Looking at the text, I am unsure of what generates his response based on your character's gender. Only thing I can see is the carrot symbol as being unique here: ^ (for the response if your character is female). Assuming there is no difference between our files, that would be line 23 of George's dialogue.

              Here is the full line: Wed_inlaw_Alex: "How can two men get married? It's unnatural... Hmmph. I guess I'm just \"old fashioned\"...^You're part of the family, now. I'm glad that my grandson found such a nice wife." #!String

              I think the option to have two separate gender responses is something I would like to explore for creating my own dialogue changes for not only George, but other characters as well.

              2. In your tutorial you use Leah's premade multiple response dialogue from Monday of Spring.

              Here is the full line: Mon: "The trees look nice today, don't they?#$q 21/22/211132 Mon_old#So why did you become a farmer?#$r 21 -5 Mon_21#I want to make tons of money.#$r 22 5 Mon_22#It's more \"real\" than living in the city.#$r 211132 5 Mon_211132#To follow in grandpa's footsteps.#$r 22 5 Mon_22#I wanted to escape my old life." #!String

              My question is whether there is a known reason for the third number to be so... long... 21, 22, but then 211132. In your tutorial you use 001/002/003/004. Just wondering if that particular number has any meaning...

              Thanks for the great tutorial! I apologize if any of my questions are answered in the tutorial. I promise I did my best to read it entirely!
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              • Coolhandlukeboy

                Coolhandlukeboy Void-Bound Voyager

                Thanks, I had forgotten that short, but informative page. I modded dialogue a decent amount a year ago. I seem to be rusty. Notepad++ didn't seem to work for saving YAML files for me. Thankfully, your tip to use Visual Studio Code was spot on. It not only worked, but it I like the way it looks and works better. Then again, I might have an outdated version of Notepad, so there's that too.
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