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    Hello! Some of you might recognize me from my posts a few months ago, others might not. To bring everyone up to speed, I'm a game design student hoping to specialize in narrative. I played and enjoyed Stardew Valley, but I felt something was missing from the romances. So I started a modding project to write and add a bunch of cute romance dialogue to every marriage candidate in the game, heavily inspired by Harvest Moon: Animal Parade's style of romance, but still keeping true to Stardew Valley's mood and feel.

    This project has been a year in the making, and now I'm happy to present the officially published dialogue for Elliott. You can download the mod through Nexus or through Chucklefish.

    If you'd like to participate in playtesting for this project (at the moment, Sam, Sebastian, and Alex are up for testing), want more information, or have a question, please check out my dev blog.

    Here's a quick rundown:

    What this mod contains:
    • Fifteen (15) new lines of romantic dialogue for Elliott, written by yours truly with much effort put forth into ensuring they're all in-character.
    - Seven (7) lines are general, and will appear in any season.
    - Eight (8) lines are season-specific; two for each season.
    - In total, there is one 4-heart line, two 6-heart lines, and then three 7-, 8-, 9-, and 10-heart lines each.​

    Things to note:
    • This mod does NOT:
    - replace any vanilla dialogue.
    - contain any post-marriage dialogue.
    - alter/add any heart events.​
    • This mod overwrites Elliott's dialogue XNB file. If you have any dialogue mods already installed that modify that file, you will have to replace it with mine. Though if you want to manually merge my dialogue with any other mods, be my guest, just don't publish it.
    • Since Elliott does not have any family, there is no dialogue for any other characters.
    • I heavily based the general feeling of my dialogue on the way romances are paced in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. With my mod installed, Elliott will show signs of falling for you at six hearts, and the lines will become progressively romantic as his heart level increases.
    - Stemming from this, the mod assumes you have given/will give Elliott the bouquet as soon as he reaches eight hearts. There are no direct references, but the lines become more explicitly romantic, assuming you reciprocate his feelings, at that point.​
    • This mod is completely safe for work! It's all sappy, fluffy goodness. Nothing gross. Please don't ask me to write anything NSFW; I will not do it.
    Elliott fans, please enjoy!
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      I love that you're doing this project! Downloading this now, you did my favorite bachelor :)
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