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    Draco sapiens ("Wise Dragon")
    Editor's Note: Not to be confused with Dragonite of the Pokemon Franchise.

    Dragons are a tale of fantasy and myth commonly passed around throughout the expanding timeline of humanity. Who would've guessed such creatures would have existed at any interval of time? This legend of fire-breathing beasts are known even in the darkest regions of space, but not a soul would've known such creatures existed...until now.

    Dragoknights are a race long forgotten, from a fiery planet stranded in a distant galaxy far from contact. Their societal hierarchy is comprised of the worship of their emperor, a being deemed closest to the gods. An emperor is born every 500 years, and is gifted at birth with a powerful wingspan and the ability to breath fire. Both of which, are two notable characteristics all other members of Dragoknight society lack. The emperor is handed down the legendary sword Skalgrand, said to have been forged on the very first flame ignited on their planet, as his sign of leadership. It is a symbol of the great hardships fought between this draconic race and the power within it. It is the emperor's decision on whether or not to accept a new custom, set of rules, or even go to war.

    The military tactics of Dragoknight warfare consist of their mastery of both sword and flame weaponry. A mass amount of hot energy is imbued within the weapons used by the Dragoknights for their burning effect. Fire-based guns are a new battle style to the Dragoknights, as before the most recent emperor approved of futuristic advancements (Emperor Bahamut VI), these dragonmen were hesitant to try something that was not of tradition.

    Noble and powerful, a Dragoknight would dare not strike down those weaker than itself. It would go against their honor on the battlefield if one were to perform such an unfavorable kill.

    As far as space travel goes, Dragoknights spread their "kingdom" wherever their ships take them, often taking on equally powerful or stronger races than themselves. It is on the word of their emperor that they shall claim more territory for the future generation.

    Dragoknight Emperor
    The symbolic leader of the Dragoknight race. An Emperor is born only once every generation (in Dragoknight terms, 500 years) and is gifted with the ability of fire and flight. The process of their birth is an unknown process shrouded in mystery, but is heralded as a miracle. At a young age, the Emperor is trained to hone their skills to the fullest once matured. Secluded as a child from other offspring of his/her kind, the Emperor learns the ways of the battlefield before gaining social value. As a result, they are truly the strongest of their race, a being worthy of being called "king". Adorned in ceramic armor, the Emperor's command changes the fate of all Dragoknights. He/She does not usually enact his/her law, instead leaving it to his/her subordinates. The Emperor stays at command on Goldoa, within the capital city of Heliopolis. From here the main source of communication can be dispersed.

    In the off-chance that the Emperor is murdered, chaos would follow and all Dragoknight factions (save for renegade parties) would instantaneously become your enemy. The attacks would never end until the killer is properly subdued and executed on the spot. Until the next generation of the Emperor comes, the Emperor's counsel would take command for the remaining years.

    In recorded history, there have been six generations of Emperors who ruled over the Dragoknight Empire. Their names as follows:

    Emperor Bahamut I (Skalgrand) - "The Legendary King"
    Emperor Bahamut II (Middrok) - "The Boundary's Vanguard"
    Emperor Bahamut III (Yeldir) - "The Old Treasurer"
    Empress Bahamut IV (Sapherr) - "The Azure Beauty"
    Emperor Bahamut V (Bruticus) - "The Savage General"
    Emperor Bahamut VI (Baulzeden) - "The Rising Future" (Current)

    The Dragoknight homeworld is home to a fiery landscape overlaid with volcanic activity. While this may seem off-putting to most farmers, the volcanic soil produced is rich in minerals that provide healthy crop growth. In fact, the plants that benefit from this have a minor increase in size and taste.

    The main cash crops of the Dragoknight race include Dragonfruit, Beef Berries, Leechroot, and Phoexillia Fern. Mostly spices and related crops.
    "Despite resembling a fire-breathing monster, this fruit certainly won't roast you alive."

    Beef Berry
    "A fruit famous for its meaty flavor. It is distinguishable from other fruits by its long, hairy outer skin. A great alternative for vegetarians."
    "A fiendish-looking vegetable only capable of growing on planets with high temperatures. It was erroneously believed to have been massive parasite, hence the name. Strong (acrid) in taste, only recommended for the hungriest of individuals."
    Phoexillia Fern
    "A favorite among Equigriffs. Common in Goldoan fields, these vegetables sport one of the spiciest flavors the galaxy has to offer."


    Dragon Cannon
    Weapon NO.: 1
    Type: Gun
    Speed: Slow (1 projectile per shot)
    "A furious weapon infused with the power of a dragon."

    Black Dragon Cannon (DarkBound)
    Weapon NO.: ????
    Type: Gun
    Speed: Slow (1 projectile per shot)
    "You do not even know our tongue, do you? Such arrogance, to dare take for yourself the name of Dovah!"

    Weapon NO.: 2
    Type: Sword
    Speed: Fast
    "Set your foes ablaze with this burning sword's spirit!"

    Dragonrend (DarkBound)
    Weapon NO.: ????
    Type: Sword
    Speed: Fast
    "You mortals have grown arrogant while I slept!"

    Steel Sword(s)
    Weapon NO.: --
    Type: Sword
    Speed: Fast
    "The basic line of traditional weaponry used by the Dragoknight army."

    Concept Art


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  2. 1.1

    1.1 Big Damn Hero

    simply amazing! :up:

    did you make the picture? if so plus 1 point for you, i wish i could create art for my character but i suck :notworthy:
  3. Best sentiant dragon race I've ever seen. No really, it's pretty ducking amazing.
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  4. Starbound Striker

    Starbound Striker Void-Bound Voyager

    One simple word... AWESOME

    Also, the art is extremely good :up:
  5. Grim

    Grim Tentacle Wrangler

    Detailed and an enjoyable read, as always!

    Most races have governments similar to socialism - though one interesting thing I've seen in a few races are Authoritarian governed races, especially for these Dragoknights. It kind of puts you into perspective when imagining Dragons claiming territory for their people, by force.

    Perhaps, as opposed to that honor system, they might have xenophobic tendencies? Alot of the good suggested races are still all somewhat giddy and friendly. Conflicts can come easily from these Dragoknights, who could view themselves as royalty among the "lesser" races.
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  6. I don't think I say it enough, but thanks! Really glad you guys like it. ^^
    Yep, doodled it myself. :)
    Interesting...I like it. I'll need to think about it for a bit, but I may just revise that honor section to that. ;)
  7. Grim

    Grim Tentacle Wrangler

    Or, you could even make them as an imposing, totalitarian empire. That would put them at ends other bodies such as my Iachesis, who are very against a controlling force over free will.

    Anyways, whichever direction you take, i'm sure it'll be a cool one :p
  8. Tails7712

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    Just Pure Epic
  9. Gigabot

    Gigabot Master Chief

    Amazing. The artwork is wonderful, I also like the preservation of honor in this race, it's my kind of principle, reminds me of my "Crusader" playthrough of Oblivion, in which I was the most knightly, honest, helpful, honorable person I could be. This is one of the only races I've seen that I would play as instead of humans. Good job. :up:
  10. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    I like this, are they primitive or sorta advanced primitive like the avians, and I love how they are a sovereignty, over all awesome,:up: (man I use this emoticon a lot)
  11. Grim

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    It certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.

    I just wanted to say that the Dragoknights are poised to also be one of the more serious-toned, controlling faction that are unlike the "hey, lets all be frans!" or "I'll be mean only if I have to!" type of mindset that seems common even among the more better, detailed species.

    They wouldn't have to be considered as an evil faction, and they can certainly bear begrudging respect to equally worthy foes. It's merely a realistic depiction of an Empire that will most likely have to force their dominance over these territories against other galactic civilizations who are also probably trying to expand.

    Say, an unseen war between these Draconians and some other significant faction on the borders to Draconian-controlled space can be mentioned, and as such, Draconian NPC's may react differently to the opposing parties, and vice versa. Among many other situations, it'd certainly add a level of atmosphere.
  12. GunmanRex

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    The Crusaders where not actually the most knightly, they where attacking the Muslims cause the Christians wanted the holy lands for them selves, the real knights trained to be fair not kill people just cause it brought you fame.
  13. Ephexis

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    this race looks simply amazing
    of the race's I've seen so far, i hope that this will be a playable race in game: or at least by use of a mod

    you must share with me(pweaz) how you produce these amazing artworks good sir, all of your topics here have such beautiful artwork for each race/mob etc. and are colored so very well :notworthy:
  14. GabirilosGR

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    Its just awesome!!! *_*
  15. Gigabot

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    I know this, and I appreciate your pointing it out, but I didn't think about history, I simply picked out something where I'd been honorable and chose it as support to my admiration for the Dragoknights honor.
    Maybe I'll fix it. I just wanted to get this in here so I didn't look like I didn't know what I was talking about, because I'm defensive like that. Or maybe it's because I don't like when people nit-pick things I say, (not to be rude) it just bothers me, even when people are trying to help me. :oops:
  16. Zeklo

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    Very nice all games need a dragon type race to spice things up. :3 Get it spice things up... hehehe :iswydt: Yeah... that was fun for a few seconds.. Can't wait for the sprites and I love the history to go with this. I really like how they are an honorable race, I love that kind of style.
  17. Ravenous Space Rat

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    Never really finished frogentons....
  18. Yer just chock-full of good government ideas, aren't ya? :V
    Ahaha, I can't decide. xD
    They're kinda middle ground, as in they have technology and implemented it into their weaponry, but they prefer their old customs (swordplay) when it comes to fighting. Spaceships, they've got. Since, well, there's no other way to travel the cosmos and expand your kingdom. xP
    Years of practice, and a little Photoshop + SAI. ^^
    Frogeateons? Yeah...gonna work on adding sprites to all the spriteless suggestions as of now.
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  19. Ephexis

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    thanks for response dragonith :up:
    never heard of SAI before, i'll have to give that a look

    ever thought of doing some armor / weapon sets the way you make different races?
  20. Zeklo

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    I think he does that with his pixels, am I wrong?

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