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RELEASED Drill Tweaks [v1.3]

Making drills an alternative again.

  1. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    G.Xyon submitted a new mod:

    Drill Tweaks - Making drills an alternative again.

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  2. Kennethern

    Kennethern Phantasmal Quasar

    Could you make a crafting recipe for the fishdrill? Something that's exceptionally expensive, like 50 Durasteel, 20 Agisalt, Rubium, Violium, and diamonds, as an example. I feel like it would go well with the over-all feel of the mod.
  3. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    While certainly not a bad idea, and the recipe price seems pretty decent, looking at the item it seems to be fairly behind in a couple of stats, and at that, it does feel like it's more of a developer "gag item" than moreso a serious mining thing, really.

    If I eventually do enable it within this mod, it'll probably have quite alot of different stats just for the sake of balancing.
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  4. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

  5. Sorien

    Sorien Void-Bound Voyager

    The download link to this is broken.
  6. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    Should be fixed now! Sorry about that.
  7. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    G.Xyon updated Drill Tweaks with a new update entry:

    Miner Updates!

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