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RELEASED Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Oh, I hadn't realized that the starter clothing for other races gave those boosts as well... I'll make sure I update the Avikan clothes to give the same bonuses in the next version of the mod! I might also add some additional effects to the trophy skulls that you can get as a rare drop from monsters, to make them a bit more appealing to use.
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  2. Legorobo4

    Legorobo4 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is a very good and well thought out mod and I shall await future updates.

    On the note of fixes, I noticed after installing your mod those small clay "jars" found in the excavation site on the starter world no longer break for loot, but for PGI's. I'm not even sure they are breaking so much as I'm "picking them up" like furniture and they simply are lacking the item for the inventory. I will look at the code and (though I'm not especially good at reading it) try to find the issue causing it.

    That is unless something else is causing it. I only use a few mods and none of them influence the breakables . . .
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  3. Mimaah

    Mimaah Phantasmal Quasar

    Just want to point out- this isn't a bug but when upgrading your ship, S.A.I.L. still asks for 10 uranium rods and 10 titanium bars. I had two upgrade modules in my inventory and it used them to upgrade. Just pointing out that S.A.I.L.'s text might want to be changed to avoid confusion.

    Also, I'm loving this mod. I found it a few days ago and was happy to see it got updated to Pleased Giraffe and I'm loving it! While it's similar to the Avali, there are a lot of differences and while I have both installed, I've only found an Avikan settlement and no Avali settlements.
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  4. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    That's odd... I doubt the Avikan Mod caused the issue as I haven't modified any breakables, but it's very possible that I indirectly broke something or that another mod is causing some incompatibility issues with the Avikan. I'll look into it!

    Thank you for notifying me of this issue, I completely forgot to check S.A.I.L.'s dialogue when I was updating the mod! I'll put this on my TO-DO list for fixes, so it should be fixed in the next update.

    I'm also very glad you like the mod! I personally had trouble finding camps in my first few play tests for the first version of the mod, so it's good to see the camps are spawning regularly enough for other people! The random generation can be a real pain sometimes...
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  5. Mimaah

    Mimaah Phantasmal Quasar

    Also to quickly peep in again, I think I read somewhere that Chucklefish removed Solarium stars from this update so the Avikan Vibro Core recipe might need to be changed.
  6. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    I'll have to double check that then! I think I'll be releasing a hotfix soon to fix all the little mistakes that slipped through my playtests, so if you find any more of these small issues, do post about them here!
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  7. SilverLancer

    SilverLancer Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I was using the Phase Shift Module mod, and the quest giver simply doesn't function for my avikan character, and I can proffer no explanation as to why this is

    It works with all my other custom races, but not avikans

    i'm using CLeF though which could be affecting somethings, but if that isn't it i'm stumped
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  8. Legorobo4

    Legorobo4 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah, Its a possiblity, but considering how easy it is to break something I'd be suprised if something DIDN'T break after a semi-major update.

    Your mode is the only one I installed recently and the only other mods I have really only affect the outpost(add things to shops) or add/change crafting recipes. I can confirm that I am no long "breaking" any breakable object except for the pods scattered all over the planet, I'm picking them up like furniture.
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  9. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    I'll take a look at the Phase Shift Module mod soon, perhaps there's some sort of incompatibility between the two mods. I'll also take a look at CLeF to look for issues there - I wouldn't be surprised if it causes incompatibilities considering how many changes it brings to the game.

    I've done a few tests on various breakable objects, including the pots found in the mine dungeon on the starter planet, but they are breaking as intended for me (dropping pixels, not objects). Are there any errors in your starbound.log?
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  10. Legorobo4

    Legorobo4 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah, an error for a florean pot 4 I believe, I think I must of screwed something up while adding your mod or the others as its working as intended after reinstalling ALL my mods, not sure what broke as I only use things that add new recipes and your mod is the only one that adds to world generation . . . yeah I think I screwed something up when installing the mods initally and yours was the Straw that broke the camals back as after reinstalling my mods those planets I visited? each had AT LEAST one Avakin mirco encounter. so yeah sorry bout that though your mod did technically point out the error for me.

    On a side note: are one of the Encounters suppose to be a single merchant? and how rare are the others? I've found several of the single and double tents, but have yet to find the larger settlements.
  11. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    No problem :)

    Yes, one of the encounters is a single merchant and his tent. There's also an encounter with two Avikan villagers (and two tents), as well as an encounter with just a few crates and an antenna. The micro encounters are completely random, so you might get none on several planets, or get several of them on the same planet. The large settlement, the Avikan Camp, should be just as common (or rare) as all other dungeons in the game: it's simply been added to the list of dungeons that can spawn on desert and savannah/arid planets. As there are quite a number of dungeons for the game to choose from, it's very well possible to get a stroke of bad luck and not have the camp spawn once even after visiting well over a dozen planets... I had that happen while playtesting once, but the camp will pop up eventually. I'm not sure if the spawn chance can be increased, but I'll see what I can do.

    There's another Avikan settlement coming in a hopefully not too distant future update, which will increase the chances of finding an Avikan settlement (simply because the game has more to choose from). I'll also add more of the smaller encounters, so they should become more common as well.
  12. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    I found the cause of the issue! It seems that the Phase Shift Module's quest requires the ftlrepairmain.gearup quest to be completed first, but the Avikan have their own variant of that quest (avikanftlrepair.gearup). There's really no reason to have a separate quest for that though, so I'll change the Avikan questline to include the vanilla quest in the next update. I'm not sure why I made that custom quest to begin with, so I'll definitely change it back to the vanilla version soon. You'll probably have to start a new character to get the Phase Shift Module quest though, unless you unlock it using admin commands.

    Speaking of updates, I'm planning to release a hotfix update very soon, which includes fixes for the issues reported here since patch 1.1.0, addresses some weapon balance issues I forgot to resolve last time around, and features more preparatory work for the next big content update.
  13. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Aegonian updated Avikan Race Mod with a new update entry:

    v1.1.1 Pleased Giraffe Hotfix

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. Legorobo4

    Legorobo4 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Okay thanks, but what I wanted to mention but seemed to have forgotten is the merchant never sells anything just says something along the lines of "please come again" and does not seem to have a "place" to stand like the other merchants in game. And thanks for confirming that, still no Large settlements yet. Lots of Glitch though . . . maybe I'm in Glitch territory right now . . . :(
  15. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Oh, I'll look into that then! I think I know what's causing the problem, so it should be an easy fix.
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  16. Xren

    Xren Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hello may I ask if this mod is compatible to Frackin Universe?, I can't seem to find any settlements and ruins when doing the quest that need the avikan metal stuff.

    I tried creating a patch file for Frakin universe biomes to spawn the ruins, bunkers and camps. is this correct??

    Edit 2:
    works like a charm. I also added avali settlements too
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/ffunknown/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/superdense/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/arboreal/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/arboreal2/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/atropus/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/bloodstone/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/bog/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/crystalmoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/desert_wastes/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikancamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/frozenvolcanic/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/fungus/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/icewaste/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikancamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/icemoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/infernus/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/irradiated/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/lightless/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/metallicmoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/mountainous/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/nitrogensea/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/penumbra/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/protoworld/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/slimeworld/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/sulphuric/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/tarball/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/tidewater/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "centensruins" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/thickjungle/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/urbanwasteland/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/thickjungle/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikancamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/urbanwasteland/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikancamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/metallicmoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikancamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/mountainous/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikancamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/desert_wastes/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/icewaste/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avikanbunker" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/ffunknown/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/superdense/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/arboreal/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/arboreal2/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/atropus/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/bloodstone/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/bog/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/crystalmoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/desert_wastes/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/frozenvolcanic/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/fungus/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/icewaste/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/icemoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/infernus/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/irradiated/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/lightless/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/metallicmoon/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/mountainous/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/nitrogensea/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/penumbra/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/protoworld/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/slimeworld/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/sulphuric/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/tarball/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/tidewater/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/thickjungle/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" },
        { "op":"add", "path" : "/planetTypes/urbanwasteland/layers/surface/dungeons/-", "value": "avalicamp" }
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  17. Resonat

    Resonat Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Wait, aegonian? Did you play spore by any chance?
  18. cats9112

    cats9112 Big Damn Hero

    i wonder if the avali clothing would fit well...
  19. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    Only a small few, a majority of the avali clothing is completely broken on this race.
  20. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Yes I did, that's actually where this entire Elithian Alliance thing started! The Avikan were made after I quit Spore, but several of the other nine races were built in that game. What was your username in Spore? Perhaps we already met before![DOUBLEPOST=1441662164][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Oh, one thing to note: the Avikan Bunker dungeon isn't finished yet, so there's no NPCs, no objects and the rooms themselves still have to be updated, so if you find one of those with this patch active, don't be surprised if you find an unfinished settlement. Other than that, I would definitely recommend people who use Frackin Universe to apply this patch!
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