RELEASED Elliott Main Dialogue Major Expansion!! Version 2.0

Expands Elliott's dialogue by over by over 130 lines/300 sentences! Two versions included.

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    Sabreene submitted a new mod:

    Elliott Main Dialogue Expansion - Expands Elliott's dialogue by over by over 130 lines! Two versions included.

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    • Sabreene

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      The zip file includes both versions of the mod. Each version includes it's own .xnb file, .yaml file, this text readme file, and the original .xnb file for Elliott's dialogue.

      These are the notes for the mod, it's wordy... I tend to over-give information, lol. It's in sections, so you can skip/skim! (and it's included in the zip, so you don't have to read it here)

      • Expands Elliott’s by over 130 lines (About 150-175 counting variations on seasonal dialogue in years 1 to 4, I try not to count lines that repeat).
      • All vanilla dialogue is included, although some of it has been moved around.
      • Additions have been made to some of the vanilla conversation, so if you continue to click, Elliott continues to talk.
      • I tried to keep all dialogue in tune with Elliott’s personality and background, as described in the game.
      • Seasonal individual day dialogue is included, with the lines slight variations from 1 to 4 years, so that it doesn't repeat exactly each time. The first year is more generic, with warmer/interested lines in the 2nd and 3rd year. The 4th year is friendly. I figured if you hadn't married him by the fourth year, you had likely married someone else. The seasonal dialogue usually refers to festivals, birthdays, or the changing of seasons.
      • Elliott will refer to/make comments about: knowing the sea from a young age, playing the piano, having Willy and Leah as friends.
      • Three new questions have been added.
      • Every now and then he will give a gift… though it’s usually just a cup of coffee on some of the winter days!
      • There are a few lines of dialogue if Leah is married to the player.
      • The dialogue is always SFW. Elliott is a romantic, so some of the lines are flowery. There may be a couple lines before 8 hearts that some consider flirtatious and/or showing a romantic interest in the farmer. However, it is not until 8 hearts that the dialogue truly points to him falling for the farmer, and wishing their friendship to become more. At 10 hearts a lot of the dialogue is on the more romantic/flirtatious side and mentions being in love. (natural if the relationship was leading up to marriage)
      • Things mentioned in the vanilla game I tried to touch on: the sea, the piano, his vanity, his hair, his rugged physique (mentioned in the vanilla marriage dialogue), not wanting to live his life as a hermit, people in his old life not believing in him, fishing/ice-fishing, his happiness that the farmer believes in his writing, his childhood
      **To Use**
      • Insert the.xnb file into your Content - Characters - Dialogue folder, and let it overwrite the “Elliott.xnb” file.
      • Always backup the original first! (Although, just in case I have included an original copy).
      • The .yaml file is included if would like to read the dialogue in notepad++ (or another program) before using it.


      There are two versions of the expanded dialogue:
      • The recommended version is made to be compatible with the “Doki Doki Dialogue - Elliott” mod (I love the Doki Doki dialogue!)
      • The other version is a full version, in case you don't want to use any other mods. It has all the even number days filled. There are no new lines in this version, but two lines have been changed from a 9 heart to 10 heart, giving them a better chance at working. To fill the other spaces that would be taken by Doki Doki, a few of the lines have been repeated, giving a greater chance to hear them.

      This whole document is included in the zip file as notes so you don't have to read it all here.
      You can refer to it easily if you're trying to add the Doki Doki to this expanded dialogue.

      For an expanded version of Elliott's Marriage dialogue, please see my mod here:
      Elliott Expanded Marriage Dialogue

      For Elliott's Doki Doki Dialogue, you can find Glowy's mod here:
      Doki Doki Dialogue - Elliott

      **Full Version (not compatible with other dialogue mods unless you edit out some of the dialogue)**

      • This version fills the 20 even heart number days that had been left open in the Doki Doki compatible version.
      • All even number days have dialogue (example of even days: summer_Mon, summer_Mon2, summer_Mon4, summer_Mon6, summer_Mon8, summer_Mon10)
      • 18 spots repeat some of the lines, so you have a greater chance at hearing it. For example, the line from spring_Mon10 is the same as fall_Tue10. So if you don't hit 10 hearts until fall, you'll still hear the dialogue if you're trying to marry by Winter.
      • 2 spots are "new" dialogue – and these are only "new" in that they are moved from a 9 heart to 10 heart day, so they work better. (The two "new" lines are included in the Doki Doki compatible version on summer_Mon9 and fall_Sat9 if you are looking for them)
      • No odd number heart days have been used in the Full Version, since I was having trouble getting them to play.
      • Also, no plain days have been used (Sun, Mon6, Fri2, etc.), since days labeled with a season seemed to override plain days.

      **Doki Doki Compatible Version**

      • The days used by Doki Doki have been left available.
      • Doki Doki adds 7 lines that repeat throughout the seasons, and 2 unique lines per season (8 seasonal lines) for a total of 15 new lines.
      • I recommend using this mod with mine, I use it myself personally.
      • In my Doki Doki version, I've added two lines at 9 hearts (summer_Mon9 and fall_Sat9) that are on 10 heart days in the full version.
      • Please see the notes below on odd number days -- they didn't work reliably on my game, and there are notes on what to change, if you wish.
      • No plain days have been used in my mod (Sun, Mon6, Fri2, etc). In testing I found that season labeled days would override the plain days. That might not always be true, but that’s why I used all “spring_” days in my mod. I recommend changing any plain days to have “spring_” before them in the Doki Doki mod before using it with mine.

      The lines left open in the Doki Doki compatible version:


      **How To Use My Dialogue Mod with the Doki Doki Mod**

      • To use the two mods together, you will need to open both .yaml files in a program like notepad++.
      • Then copy the new lines from Doki Doki found at the bottom (don’t copy the vanilla dialogue with it!)
      • Insert those copied lines at the end of this dialogue. It should expand it from ending on line 264 (a winter/Leah line) to ending on line 295.
      • Note: While you have it open, I would add a “spring_” to all the plain days. So “Wed6” would become “spring_Wed6”. This helps make sure the line will fire.

      **A note on odd-number heart days**

      • When testing, I noticed that odd heart number dialogue was hit or miss. Sometimes it would fire, sometimes it wouldn’t.
      • A lot of the time, it would revert to either the higher or lower even number, skipping the odd. For instance, it would do Sun6 or Sun8, but skip Sun7.
      • Because of this, on my own personal version, I’ve tweaked the Doki Doki dialogue slightly.
      • There are several Wed6 and several Tue7 in Doki Doki.
      • I switched the summer_Wed6 and the summer_Tue for one another. Note: Neither were erased, I just switched the day. The summer_Wed6 line now started with summer_Tue7, and what used to be summer_Tue7 now started with summer_Wed6.
      • This way they are both kept, but if odd numbers aren't working, it gives that odd number dialogue a better chance to be heard.
      • I did this with the six odd numbers.

      • If you would like, you can also change my two odd-number days (included as _10 in the non-compatible version, but _9 in the Doki Doki version).
      • I’d suggest summer_Mon9=summer_Sat10 and fall_Sat9=fall_Thu10 (remember to switch, not delete, so it’s still there in case the odd number works!)

      **Final Note**

      I tried to keep things as gender neutral as possible with the wording.
      There are only a couple instances where the dialogue is separated:
      One that references a he/she, and one that uses handsome/beautiful.
      (The he/she is in a "poem" Elliott is reading, and doesn't have to be interpreted as referencing the player)

      If you find any typos, mistakes, or have any other comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know!!
      (This whole document is included in the zip file as notes!)

      Lastly, this has been uploaded here and on Nexus!

      Thank you!
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        Pictures for the mod:





        • Sabreene

          Sabreene Astral Cartographer

          I had a question on Nexus about where Elliott's room came from. I answered there, but thought I should answer here too, in case anyone was wondering!!

          I use
          Karmylla's Mods - Immersive Map Edits by @Karmylla . I highly recommend it! I haven't actually played much, since I've been in testing mode for the mods, but I love going everywhere and finding all the neat little things that are on the map. Especially the dog house! Ah, that bothered me so much the first time through. That doggie needed a better home!! I did change one thing in Elliott's room -- I gave him a butterfly picture, lol. It just seemed so Elliott.

          You'll also see quite a few things of Eemie's in my screenshots, I use a lot of her mods. The critters, the darker items, the map, the mailbox, the lanterns... I could go on and on. A lot of my stuff has been tweaked for personal use (my scarecrows are a mix of owls and cats, and were merged in with the seasonal craftables from @eemie 's seasonal victorian buildings, so you might see things now and then that don't quite match up. But they almost always came from Eemie to start with!

          Like my new portrait mod, Eemie's Elliott really helped with that! And it was her idea to have the optional vintage suit, which I was so happy about! You can see it in the pictures above. That portrait mod is here: New Handsome Elliott Portrait and Sprite, though you'll find more pictures for it on Nexus.

          Anyway, if anyone has questions on anything, or ever sees a typo or error, let me know! <3 Thanks!!
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            @Sabreene Hello!

            Would you agree that someone translates your mod in French? I'll try myself (or maybe someone else if they agree) and I'll just want to know if you plan to change your mod soon.

            Thank you again for all amazing mods! <3

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