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Bug/Issue Emily and Leah heart event on multiplayer

Discussion in 'Support' started by Wizze, May 20, 2018.

  1. Wizze

    Wizze Space Hobo

    Me and my friend are playing multiplayer together and while im trying to marry Emily and my friend is trying to marry Leah.

    The first bug we found was when i tried to do the 10 heart event with Emily. I finish the event to the point where me and Emily goes to sleep and then it all just goes black for me and my friend tries to sleep. But the game says it is only 1 out of 2 that's asleep for my friend and ended up with my friend passing out but still standing around waiting on me going to sleep which we needed to restart the game to continue playing. (The game does not save when this happen to us.)

    The second bug is when my friend tried to get the 8 heart event to trigger for Leah but she never appeared infront of his house. He made sure he chose "Why don't you have an art show in town?" in the 2 heart event but he can't get it to trigger. He also tried to enter Pelican Town to see if he could get the event to happen but no luck there either.

    Since he didnt get the event to trigger so he went and checked if he the other option was chosen from the 2 heart event "Why don't you sell your art on the internet?" so he went to Leah's house to see if that would trigger the 8 heart event but it didn't.

    Sorry for my english but I hope I explained the bugs good enough. :)

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