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    I had very random inspo for this recently. I started really digging some of Emily's lines, but she's never really been a big favorite of mine. It did get me thinking a little about what else could have been done with her, and well, I just kind of ran with it. I redid her sprite and portraits and added a little extra dialogue, though not as much as I did with Seb. Maybe someday I'll come back to it? Not sure.



    "Do you know your inseam? Hmm... We might have to have a measuring session someday. *giggle*"
    "It takes a lot of courage to really express yourself. I'm so proud of people that are out there living as their true selves."
    "Hey, @! Do you know your birth stone? Mine is emerald. Emeralds are very difficult to cut, it's impossible to get one perfect! But that just means all emeralds are unique."
    "Ugh! Sometimes I just want to give up with Haley. That girl really tests my patience. *sigh* It's good practice to learn to stay grounded, I suppose."
    "It's important to cleanse your space when you can. The flow of a room is important! Geez, forget a room, you have a whole farm to manage the energy of!"
    "Your hands must get rough from farming, huh? My forefinger is like steel. I hate when I prick myself with my needles on accident when I'm sewing!"
    "I miss my parents, but being independent is kind of exciting! It would be hard to adjust if they came back very suddenly."
    "Haley and I are pretty different. I usually find myself acting as the mature one, but I really think I'm more of a child at heart than she is."
    "If I couldn't make clothes, hair would be a fun second option. Have you ever thought about going rainbow..?"
    "I hope Haley can do something amazing with photography while she's young and has the freedom to. Now that I work, it's hard to find the time for my real passions."
    "Do you ever think about what the world would be like without language Not forever! But it would be nice to spend a day trying to express yourself with things beyond words."
    "Rabbit and sheep wool have very different characteristics in how they feel. It depends on the quality and skill of the maker, too!"
    "I watch the fortune teller every morning. People think it doesn't affect anything... You'd be surprised. I know it does!"
    "You're planning on going to the Flower Dance, aren't you? In the past, I've danced with Shane. It's a good opportunity to talk to someone I don't interact with much. Shame, he comes into the saloon so often, but hardly talks to anyone."
    "Hey, @! Good to see you in town."
    "It's great that there are so many creative people in town. We have musicians, artists, writers, readers... Even farming and all that is an art, isn't it?"
    "I'd love to visit space some day. Maybe not physically, but mentally be there Does that make sense to you? I hear Maru's telescope is the next best thing, though."
    "With most people I enjoy getting them in new clothes, but with you I wouldn't mind the opposite."
    "If you ever loose track of how many animals you have on your farm, I have a neat trick to help you out there. Use a cowculator. *giggle*"
    "The changing of the seasons is truly amazing. So many animal friends come and gone!"
    "Do you have a favorite drink? Me? I'm better off not drinking. I'm crazy enough without it."
    "I love how the leaves fall this time of year. It's like they're dancing for us."
    "You get along well with people in this town, don't you? We're all here to create something great together. Connections are so important."
    "The ocean is awfully talkative some days, isn't it?"
    "It's good practice to let loose sometimes. Don't get too hung up in productivity."
    "I would love to learn to dace with a partner. And other styles of dancing! It's hard being pretty much entirely self taught..."
    "I wasn't very good at cooking when my parents first left. Now that I have to feed both myself and Haley, I've gotten much better."
    "It is so sweet that Robin and Demetrius go dancing at the saloon so often. I wonder what having a dance partner would be like?"
    "Having the opportunity to express yourself with your looks is fun! I always hope to create something that really speaks to people."
    "The colors nature creates are incredible. Can you believe things like that just sit in the earth? Some stones seem to hold entire worlds inside them."
    "Do you feel like your grandpa is watching over you? I bet he would be excited to witness everything you've been up to."
    "I love when you stop by the saloon. I get to show you off a little!"
    "Getting older is a bit scary, isn't it?"
    "Bees are some of my favorite little guys to talk to. They always have the best stories!"
    "Are you keeping warm this season? The saloon is a nice place to warm up after a long day of running around in the cold."
    "What have you been up to? I feel a strange vibration on you today..."
    "I don't feel like many people around here know the real me Exciting, isn't it? Your humble barmaid with a secret skillset!"
    "Do you ever feel like someone is just... staring at you?"
    "Are you scared of traveling deep in the mines? I've heard strange stories of the depths in this area..."
    "I hope my parents are having a lot of fun traveling. I sort of wish I could join them, or I had the money to have some of my own adventures. Growing up and staying carefree is hard, isn't it?"
    "I know I shouldn't really name my parrot friend, but I don't know what to call it! Haley really wants me to name it. She isn't very subtle."
    "We all have a responsibility to live in harmony with earth. With all you do on your farm, she's got to love you."
    "I forgot to send my friend Sandy a letter this week! I've been so busy with work. I'll just make my next one twice as long."
    "I get a lot of inspiration from things in nature. I find myself dazing looking at something beautiful, and it always makes me want to add to it. I bet there are a ton of opportunities for that on the farm!"
    "I hope someday I can do clothing therapy for everyone in town!"
    "My hands are freezing after holding cold pints all night."
    "We live in such a remarkable place, don't we?"
    "@! Hey, I'm trying to get some work done. You're too distracting! ...*sigh* I'm serious! It's impossible do to anything with you there looking like that." (mushy faced)
    "Would you ever let me dress you, @? You trust me, right?"

    I hope someone likes it, and tell me if anything is amiss!

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    • simply_fabulous

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      Oh she is so cute!!
      • Karmylla

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        You did such a good job, Emily looks great!!!
        • Ayriee

          Ayriee Starship Captain

          She looks great! I love all your stuff for SDV and The Sims! Keep up the great work :love:
          • OhGeeEmily

            OhGeeEmily Void-Bound Voyager

            I love this mod, but I also love the art used for it. Did you do that yourself? It's amazing, do you have any other art?
            • Chisami

              Chisami Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Thanks everyone!

              Yeah I do. ^^ It's not very well organized, though.
              dA (largely inactive) / facebook / tumblr (nsfw sometimes)
              • WhenTheyCry

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                I'm using this mod right now and it's fantastic! Kudos!
                • tiffy961

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                  Oh god! I love this so much!
                  • Acerbicon

                    Acerbicon Pangalactic Porcupine

                    This is fantastic! Great work!
                    • Chisami

                      Chisami Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      Thanks guys, I'm so glad she's getting some use!
                      • The_Glimmerling

                        The_Glimmerling Void-Bound Voyager

                        You made my wife look so cool. <3
                        • ahlures

                          ahlures Seal Broken

                          Planning on wifing Emily during my next playthrough so this mod is just perfect. Thank you!
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                          • 2Scribble

                            2Scribble Void-Bound Voyager

                            The thing that's the most bizarre about this is that she actually LOOKS like Haley's sister now :p lol
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                            • Kaunisenkeli

                              Kaunisenkeli Void-Bound Voyager

                              I'm glad I found this mod. This reimagined Emily is so cute!
                              • Ailsaek

                                Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                I will have to try this one, I am intrigued.
                                • paradigmnomad

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                                  Since this was bumped up to the front page, I've converted this into a Content Patcher pack for anyone who is interested.
                                  • Ailsaek

                                    Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Just added her. She practically glows now, i love her. I'll have to check out your Sebastian mod as well.
                                    • TheSilentSeventh

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                                      Ooooh, that's so great! She and Haley actually look related now, well done!
                                      • Wolfride

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                                        Oh jeez this isn't a SMAPI or content patcher. I really hope this still works, lol.. Well, here it goes.
                                        • HoboWarrior

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                                          @Chisami any chance we can get her sprite without the bowlegs?
                                          • Tooma8

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                                            what have you done to my Emily :(

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