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Enemy Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 10, 2013.

  1. Nixeras

    Nixeras Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You uh...might want to rethink the name there. Where I come from it's a fairly derogatory term.
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    • yyzlooply

      yyzlooply Space Spelunker

      sorry about that, i'm changing it now
      • Fox0427

        Fox0427 Big Damn Hero

        Fungus Amongus (Class 3/Boss):
        He's not a very fungi... He also loves bad and over used puns. He's basically a hollow, living mushroom, with fire coming out of where his eyes would be (eye sockets, right? I'll call them that).
        [Attack: Melee]- Fungus Amongus punches the ground in front of him.
        [Attack: Ranged]- Fungus Amongus throws his crown made of fungus straight forward like a boomerang.
        [Attack: Ranged]- Fungus Amongus shoots out a burst of mushroom spores that explode into poison. They also have a 10% chance to spawn a mushroom enemy.
        [Attack: Special]- Fungus Amongus creates a cloud of poison around him, as well as summoning two mushroom enemies.
        [Attack: Special]- Fungus Amongus plants himself in the ground for five seconds, healing himself at three times the speed bustling fungus usually does.
        • When your not in range of his boomerang attack, he spams his mushroom spore attack.
        • BEWARE! When he dies, the fire coming out eye sockets spread to burn him up completely, and also burning a flammable gas in him that explodes into poison.
        • Ayer99

          Ayer99 Orbital Explorer

          I honestly just want a turtle in the game... It could be passive... But still, a turtle....
          • Fox0427

            Fox0427 Big Damn Hero

            Like the Cremator?
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            • Daimera

              Daimera Cosmic Narwhal

              Test sprite. Maybe workable, probably too detailed. And too big. But a giant enemy crab should be truly giant.
              • DNLK

                DNLK Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Is this cutie already in game? If no, do devs considering about adding him?
                • Rawrquaza

                  Rawrquaza Existential Complex

                  not in the game, he was born during the pre-release stream. Hopefully daimera can work on some animations and he'll be added though!

                  • majormayo

                    majormayo Master Chief

                    This seems relevant...
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                    • Vahnkiljoy

                      Vahnkiljoy Ketchup Robot

                      There just aren't enough words to describe how awesome my good ole crab boss looks, I sure as hell know I couldn't have done any better, all my internets to Daimera, we GOTS to get this badboy in the game, would just make the first 2 stages complete!
                      • ehbrlb1820

                        ehbrlb1820 Void-Bound Voyager

                        I would love to see this ugly demonic being from the depths of my brain drawn: http://imgur.com/pkRdkZ7 could someone do it? >:3
                        • blorx

                          blorx Aquatic Astronaut

                          Ancient Lemurian(Class 3/Boss):
                          Because we just sort of need something like this. The bigger issue is, I'm not sure if it would be clear how some of his mechanics works. I'm picturing this as a cross between some bigger, scarier cousin of acrid and a lemurian. I'm assuming it would probably spawn in temple of the elders, but definitely wouldn't be an early game boss. For several reasons, I also assume that only one of these would ever spawn at one time. I have no idea if this is remotely balanced, but I figured I'd suggest this anyway. If anything seems off while implementing the boss, feel free to change it.

                          • Has multiple (probably 3ish) lives. On dying it respawns between 5 and 10 seconds later.
                          • Can spawn as a green/health version with no extra hp but 6 extra lives, slightly reduced respawn time and is healed by it's poisons.
                          • Can spawn as some other elite type that spawns wasps occasionally.
                          [Attack: Special/Spawn] - When the AL spawns, it inflicts a poison that negates the player's regeneration, and greatly reduces all life gains. The poison is removed when the AL dies and the player gets a huge boost to regen and hp gains (and gains some life on hit), but the poison is reapplied on it's respawn.
                          [Attack: Melee]- The AL crouches down then leaps through the player and continues past for a short distance, inflicting low damage.
                          [Attack: Melee]- The AL bites/slashes at the player/ground a couple of times inflicting low damage and poison.
                          [Attack: Ranged]- If the AL is under attack at range, it shoots a couple bolts of poison similar to the flying wasps.
                          • mosshotel

                            mosshotel Tentacle Wrangler

                            So my friend told me about this cool game called RoR, I played it, died by the magma worm, and then made a tiny magma inchworm baby. I guess this fits the Tunneler?

                            I dunno, I was thinking to have the lil worm leave behind a fire trail or something.


                            its so tiny oh man, help me out here, how do I make the pixels 1:2
                            • Mewtiger

                              Mewtiger Space Spelunker

                              Guardian - Enraged Protector CLASS 3
                              Ancient/mystical looking parent - arms upraised.
                              Ranged Attack: Vertical line appears, followed by laser strike that persists for 1-2 seconds.
                              Ranged Attack: Vagrant-style "spirit" looking missiles
                              Melee/Ranged Attack: Parent-style ground slam - throws out spirit wave that you have to jump (final boss's shockwave)
                              Optional - Spawns Children or Parents or Both
                              Health: +++
                              Speed: ++
                              Damage: ++++

                              Legion - Abomination CLASS 3
                              Slow moving ball of enemy 'corpses' held together by organic growth. Has waving tentacles that do damage.
                              Optional: Grows/gains hp when it moves over enemy bodies.
                              Very slow - Does damage on contact with body or tentacles.
                              Upon losing 2-5% of HP 'drop' or spawn random enemy and lose size.
                              Optional - Can Spawn Bosses
                              Health: +++++
                              Speed: +
                              Damage: +++

                              Legionnaire CLASS 2
                              Tiny Legion spawning maybe 5 creatures and an elite. Slightly (SLIGHTLY) faster than Legion
                              Health: ++++
                              Speed: ++
                              Damage: ++
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                              • luisan121

                                luisan121 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Magmaleadon.png magmalodonv2.3.png W.I.P : A class 2 boss i came up with
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                                • Bacter

                                  Bacter Master Chief

                                  So this is sort of a series of enemies in a theme: I really like the hive level, but just full of generic enemies? No ma'am!

                                  Maggot(Class 1): Just a gross lil' maggot! Worm-like, with big toothy mouth
                                  [Attack: Melee]- The maggot bites into the player with its teeth. It's a lunging attack, about as long-distance as the lemurian bite, and can maybe cause bleed.
                                  [Attack: Cocoon]- The maggot turns into an immobile cocoon. The cocoon gives the maggot regen. The cocoon unweaves after 7 seconds or so. If the maggot is at full health for 5 consecutive seconds in the cocoon, they turn into an archer bug. Must be within a certain distance of the PC for this to happen.
                                  Health: +++
                                  Speed: ++
                                  Damage: ++++

                                  Infested Survivor(Class 1): Clearly a human, but off-color and in Some Distress. Cracked helmet? Moves by lurching.

                                  [Attack: Melee]- The survivor vomits some bile. Short-range attack, with a chance to poison. If it doesn't hit the player it coats the ground next to the survivor, harming the player when they pass over it (but not poisoning them).
                                  [Special: Sacrifice]- The cultist self-destructs, creating three maggots. There is a small but painful AOE explosion. This is triggered by being close to the survivor and having the survivor at low health.
                                  [Special: Molt]- If near the survivor (medium-range) and unharmed for 5 consecutive seconds, turns into Crowded Survivor
                                  Health: ++++
                                  Speed: +++
                                  Damage: ++++++

                                  Crowded Survivor(Class 2): Wings erupting from back, maybe a bunch of eyes, 'couple of insect legs protruding from stomach. Obviously not a human anymore.
                                  [Attack: Melee]- While normally ground-based, the Crowded Survivor does a flying dash forward. One of those starts-slow-speeds-up trajectories over a decent part of the screen. Damages player on contact while swooping. Returns to starting location.
                                  [Attack: Special] - If at low health and near survivor, creates 1 maggot every 3 seconds

                                  Royal Hatchling(Class 3/Boss):
                                  A young queen bug, the survivor's body is still on it somewhere, tattered. It's obviously outgrown that body.
                                  [Attack: Melee]- Hatchling attacks with stinger, jabbing it forward. Large windup, big damage + poison.
                                  [Attack: Melee]- Hatchling attacks with pincers, with a short windup but lower damage.
                                  [Attack: Melee]- Hatchling flies to current location of PC, then drops until it hits floor. Causes damage on contact while flying.
                                  [Attack: Special]- Hatchling sheds maggots, more shed the lower in health it gets.
                                  [Attack: Special]- Hatchling summons a few infested survivors, possibly crowded survivors as its health decreases
                                  [Attack: Special]- Hatchling spits up royal jelly on 3 tiles. Bile heals bug-type enemies. If player steps on bile, they are slowed. If player doesn't step on bile, one tile of un-stepped bile will turn into a small gup, two consecutive tiles will turn into a medium gup, three consecutive tiles turn into a large gup after 5 seconds.
                                  • Quae_116

                                    Quae_116 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Plant based enemies
                                    Flycatcher (Class 1)
                                    Melee Attack- Bite

                                    Plantrap (Class 2)
                                    Ranged Attack- Launches Vines that slow

                                    Support- Roots vines in ground and heals and/or increases stats of other monster
                                    • Count10

                                      Count10 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Malfunctioning Security Robot(Class 3/Boss)
                                      It looks like to Han-D, except it has a head similar to the Enforcer, Gatling guns for hands, it's thinner, it has quad missile launchers on it's shoulders, and it is bigger.

                                      [Attack: melee- stomp] Self explanatory.
                                      [Attack: ranged- guns] It shoots you with a swarm(?) of bullets from it's arms.
                                      [Attack: ranged- missiles] It launches a swarm of missiles from it's shoulders.
                                      [Attack: special- reinforcements] An alarm sounds and it's face/eyes flash red, and about 5-8 of these spawn:
                                      Security Drone(Class 1)
                                      A basic drone, with a gun.

                                      [Attack: ranged- gun] It floats to your height and fires three shots.
                                      [Non-Attack: shield] The drones form a shield between you and the boss.

                                      • Count10

                                        Count10 Void-Bound Voyager

                                        For some reason, I could not edit, so I will say this here:
                                        When the boss is defeated, both joints connecting it's arms to it's body explode and it's arms fall off, then it's head explodes and it falls to its knees.
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                                        • DaveD

                                          DaveD Intergalactic Tourist

                                          This is a great idea! There could be a lot of new items, like space pirate flintlock, tiny people companions, Dark Matter from the Dark ones. Lots of new achievments to unlock.

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