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RELEASED Enhanced Storage 6.0.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    NeoVanAlemania submitted a new mod:

    Enhanced Storage - Increases the capacity of mostly all storage objects.

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. Powerthrucontrol

    Powerthrucontrol Void-Bound Voyager

    This mod is sorely needed. Have you ever tried making something similar to Applied Energistics for minecraft? Perhaps add a sorting and search box?
  3. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    I don't know this mod sorry, but after some reading I love the idea of this mod!
    It's like a NAS station with various hdd drives to manage all the stored stuff at one place.

    But to make that in Starbound we need a new game mechanic...
  4. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

  5. Jiango

    Jiango Orbital Explorer

    Awesome-ly practical mod, but I can't make it run :(
    I tried deleting character & universe folders (with back ups of course) and even creating a new character, but all the storage items keeps the same capacity.

    I'm running Enraged Koala, Update 8 (the latest I think), in Windows 7
    It's not some mod incompatibility stuff, because it was today when I noticed there was mods for this game, and this was the first one I tried. Other mods worked after deleting character files and/or the universe folder.

    Edit: Just a misunderstanding of mine :D
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  6. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Hum.. the title of this mod says Upbeat Giraffe Unstable :S
    Well, just wait a little bit until this unstable goes to stable. The Starbound developers promised us the update to Upbeat Giraffe this january!

    And by the way, in the newest version of Starbound (Upbeat Giraffe) this mod works clearly better. So just try the unstable or wait a bit. :)
  7. Jiango

    Jiango Orbital Explorer

    Oh, man, I see. I'm quite messy with the animal-version-terminology as you can see. Didn't notice that the Giraffe thing was the unstable version <:/

    I'll just wait then if it's coming that soon. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the misunderstanding!
  8. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    No problem! I hope you dont need to wait too long. :)
  9. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

  10. sosmic

    sosmic Pangalactic Porcupine

    great mod, nice job !! =)

    one suggestion :
    make than any kind of storage keep items in it when u break it.
  11. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Great idea, I will try to find out more about it.
  12. StarScribe

    StarScribe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    There is a very old mod out there that was called "
    Tiered Furnature Improvements" it has not been updated in ages, and generally has balancing issues. What I would love to see is if perhaps you would be able to create a nice and simple tiered storage mod for us to enjoy. What we really need is a simple design, that has tier progression with balanced recipes and balanced storage upgrades for each tier.

    Seeing this as a standalone mod would make my day... I have had hard time finding a mod such as that.
  13. sosmic

    sosmic Pangalactic Porcupine

    i remember 2 old mods who had same use
    - Persistent Containers
    - Movable containers
  14. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    @sosmic: Ah yes I remember to that mods slighlty. But I can't simply "steal" the mechanics of these mods right?

    EDIT: The author of Persistent Containers allows modders to include the mod into others. But if I want to implement this mod into the Enhanced Storage mod I have to do it as optional plugin, for those who don't want Persistent Containers at all.
    So the final question is, do we implement this mod into Enhanced Storage as plugin (if it works with Upbeat Giraffe) or do we wait for the author's update?

    EDIT2: After some tests: The current files of Persistent Containers doesn't work with Upbeat Giraffe right now. Like the author said I don't have the permission to change these files. I think we have to wait for an update of Persistent Containers.

    @StarScribe: A mod with simple tiered storage similar to the old Tiered Furniture Improvements mod. Sounds great at first, but how looks balanced recipes and storage sizes of each tier exactly for example?
    We have actually 6 tiers directed to the 6 different threat levels (Harmless, Mostly Harmless, Moderate, Risky, Dangerous and Extreme). How do you want to seperate the storage containers respect to the threat level and the required materials?
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  15. Coremancer

    Coremancer Aquatic Astronaut

    Great mod, would it be possible to increase the size of the `Lunar Base Crate` ? those crates you can get from the Erchius mission via blueprint drops. would love 60-80 slots to represent their size so i can stack them up in my ship's cargohold
  16. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    I didn't change the mission objects because we can't break them down. In the course of this I completely forgot the blueprints! I will implement all these obects in the next update, also your crate with 80 slots. Thanks for your report!

    Do you know something about blueprints of oupost objects too?
  17. StarScribe

    StarScribe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I don't really have any strict preferences really... when it comes to recipe balancing I let you be the judge of that. I usualy balance my own recipes on my server afterwards anyways.
  18. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Ok ;)
    I have to do a bit brainstorming about it.

    But fact is, for your suggestion we need a seperate mod which divides the different chest sizes into a tiered system, e.g. a tier 1 chest with 16 slots and a tier 6 chest with 80 slots. The used materials must be Copper or Iron up to Impervium Compound or what ever.
  19. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    NeoVanAlemania updated Enhanced Storage with a new update entry:

    More storage objects added

    Read the rest of this update entry...[DOUBLEPOST=1422637543][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Enjoy the new mod version with your included Lunar Base Crate with 80 slots. :)
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  20. Timidx3

    Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

    Hello! I downloaded this mod today and I'm loving it. I'm really good at collecting EVERYTHING, and I really appreciate all the extra space, and now I can truely have a chest for everything. I also have gathered an array of different chests on my new character since the upbeat giraffe stable came up, and I noticed that the "Tarpit Chest" currently has only 16 slots still. I was wondering if this was intentional or simply missed by mistake? :eek: Either way, just a heads up!

    Love the mod! <3

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