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    I know what you're going to say. "James, another fanfiction?! You have two active already!" I understand. But a few months ago, I've requested a short about the farmer being a master chef before arriving to the Valley to @Skyloft-Farm . After that, she posted her masterpiece and immediately fell in love with it. At December 9th, 2016, I've decided to return the favour by making a fully fledged chapter about it and asked for her opinion and she loved it! Thanks to her inspiration, I want to write this fanfiction.

    Don't worry, Experiencing Freedom and The Signal WILL be written. I already have one chapter on the works for each of them! As it's winter break for me, I have the liberty to post this. Once again, thank you so much, @Skyloft-Farm !

    “Order up!” A waiter called out from behind the counter as he posted a piece of paper on the wall. Catherine rushed from her stool, picked it up and gave it a read.

    ‘1x Caviar Aglio Olio Spaghetti
    2x T-Bone Cheese Steak (Medium-rare)
    1x Rice Pudding w/ grilled lobster
    1x Addenell Bruschetta (4-Serv)
    4x Peach Ice Cream’

    Catherine gave a nod. Seeing that somebody ordered her famous bruschetta, she knew that this was her job.

    23-Year old Catherine Addenell works in a 5-Star hotel kitchen as a chef in Zuzu city. She wasn’t just a regular cook, but was known as the greatest and youngest master chef in all of Ferngill Republic. She had emerald eyes accompanied with brunette hair and a slightly tanned bright skin. Born from a poor family in the capital, Arcadia, she had grown interest in videogames and cooking since she was eight years old. With the approval of her middle school principal, she was able to attend a highly prestigious culinary school when she was thirteen thanks to her excellent grades and scholarships. Both of her parents have unfortunately deceased, leaving Catherine’s 21-year old brother Gabriel the only family member alive. Although Gabriel wasn’t interested in cooking, he now works as the prime bartender in the Olde Smith Club, a very popular club where many famous authors hang out.

    Catherine was about to light the stove to start cooking when she heard another “Order Up!” from behind the counter. Thinking that this wasn’t her job, she gave a simple shrug as she walked to the giant refrigerator where all of the ingredients were stored. Just as he opened it, a middle-aged stout chef approached her.

    “Ma’am?” The chef called.

    “Yes, Mr. Belinski?” Catherine asked.

    “The latest order is Priority-One. We need you here.” Priority-One. That is what the chefs call the orders from VIPs.

    “That’s strange.” Catherine said, scratching her head. “I’ve never heard of any news about VIPs coming in our hotel today.”

    “Well, it’s… uh… hard to explain.” Mr. Belinski hesitated, making the master chef sigh.

    “Look, I really need to start on my order. Whoever’s behind mine had ordered the bruschetta! You know that I don’t want to disappoint anyone who orders this!”

    “…But he’s the representative of the Joja Corporation!” Mr. Belinski said.

    “He’s… WHAT?” Catherine was shocked. The hotel she works in is owned and sponsored by the Joja Corporation, thus placing the nail in the coffin. This was the main reason of why almost all of the food ingredients weren’t fresh. ‘No wonder this order is Priority-One.’ She thought, and then opened her mouth. “May I see the order?” She asked. The chef handed her the paper that had the representative’s order.

    ‘1x T-Bone Steak w/ Fois Gras + Truffles (Medium)
    1x Cream of Lobster’

    “That’s it?” Catherine asked, flabbergasted. How the hell is this an order from a VIP? The chef nodded in reply. All of this made Catherine think deeply. Her order consisted of her famous bruschetta. In fact, one of the top reasons of her fame was because of that. She hated disappointing her guests about this. In the other hand, however, the new order was from the representative of the company that sponsored her. Should she be unable to satisfy the VIP, Joja would crush her down. Despite worried about her reputation, she reminded herself of how much she hated the company, making her decision. “Mr. Belinski, can you call Iftekharul?”

    “Yes, chef.” Mr. Belinski complied, then turned around. “Iftekharul!”

    “Yes, Mr. Belinski!” A lean, short brown-skinned man ran to the two. This was Iftekharul Haque, the 22 year-old chef from Bangladesh. He was the best student of Catherine.

    “Iffy, I want you to make this order!” Catherine ordered, handing him the paper that Mr. Belinski had. Her student read it, turning his handsome face into a frown.

    “Ch… chef, this is Priority-One! I… I don’t think I can make this!” Iftekharul stuttered. “Besides, can you please stop calling me by that?”

    “Iftekharul, you’ve passed all of your exams I’ve given and your skills nearly match mine! I’m sure that even Gordon Ramsey would approve your skills! If you say no, I’ll always call of Iffy from now on!” After a short pause, the brown man started to hesitate. “Time’s gold here!” Catherine added.

    “…Yes, chef.” Iftekharul finally said, taking the order. “Damn, how am I going to do this?” He said to himself as he collected his ingredients and walked to his stove.

    “I guess that solves everything.” Catherine said to Mr. Belinski.

    “I guess, chef.” The stout man said before walking back to the cutting board he was working on. Nodding, Catherine quickly pulled out her required ingredients and walked to the stove.

    With the last piece of bruschetta, Steak pieces, rice pudding and spaghetti plated, Catherine rang the bell after placing the plates on the counter. Soon enough, a waitress swiftly placed the plates on a tray and zoomed to the table. Catherine took the liberty to observe the waitress as she walked to her destination. The waitress stopped at a table with four people: One middle-aged woman with red hair, a dark-skinned middle-aged man, a dark-skinned teenage girl and a young raven-haired man with the skin as pale as the middle-aged woman. She tried to concentrate on the food, but for some reason, her mind forced her eyes on the raven-haired man. ‘Why, brain?’ Catherine scolded herself just as a familiar voice called her.

    “Miss Addenell?” The voice called. It was Iftekharul. “I, uh… need your evaluation?”

    “Of course! Hang on, Iffy!” Catherine chirped before jogging to the dark-skinned man. Iftekharul’s reaction to his nickname made everyone in the kitchen laugh. “What’s up?” The master chef asked when she was beside her student.

    “Chef, I need to know if I did this properly.” Iftekharul nervously said. Nodding, Catherine took a small sip of the cream of lobster. The two things that made Catherine special was her very sensitive sense of smell and taste. She used this as an advantage to test her food to perfection.

    “This… this is exactly like how I make it!” Catherine complimented, taking a nibble of a piece of steak. “This too! Iffy, you’re improving!”

    “Thank you, chef, but please, enough with the nickname!” Iftekharul grunted. “I’ll send this to the VIP.” Catherine happily nodded as a waiter tapped her shoulder.

    “Chef, table-13 asked for your appearance.” The waiter said. Catherine’s smile immediately disappeared as she walked out of the kitchen.

    The waiter guided Catherine to the table that he was talking about. The table had four people… ‘Wait, they’re the guys that gave the order!’ She thought as she placed her hands behind her, looking as formal as possible. “Is there a problem, sir?” She asked the dark-skinned man, hiding her worry. However, as she looked at the faces of him and the red-haired woman, it seemed to have disappeared.

    “I just want to say how delicious your bruschetta is!” The Dark-skinned man complimented. “Today’s my wife’s birthday and you’ve sure made her day!”

    “Why thank you, sir. It’s my specialty to satisfy people!” Catherine replied, smiling.

    “No wonder why you’re the best chef in the country! Isn’t that right, Sebby?” The woman asked the raven-haired man.

    “Mom, not in public!” The raven-haired man hissed, and then faced Catherine. “Anyway, it’s really good!” he complimented, giving thumbs up as he munched on a bruschetta. This all made her blush followed by a warm sensation flowing around her heart. What was this feeling? When she saw the bruschetta plate empty, she saw the raven-haired man going for his cheese steak. “Sir, sh…should I c…cut it for you?” She involuntarily asked, walked to the man. ‘DAMNIT, CATHERINE!’ She screamed in the inside. However, the man nodded with a smile and placed his fork and knife down for her to use. As she cut his steak, her eyes couldn’t help but veer to his, making Catherine almost miss the steak entirely. In the end, she managed to pull it off, making the raven-haired man smile and blush.

    “Thank you.” The man said.

    “All in a day’s work, sir.” Catherine said, trying to hide her rosy cheeks. Just as she was being showered by compliments from the woman about her spaghetti, she was startled by a sudden yell. Catherine and her four guests turned to the source: A short stout man with black hair and glasses wearing a tuxedo was yelling at… Iftekharul?

    “How DARE you make me this garbage?! How are you even hired in our hotel?! You should be deported back to wherever you came from and work in a brick factory!!” The man shouted at Catherine’s student. She noticed Iftekharul trying his best to not cry.

    “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Catherine apologized to the family and quickly walked to the stout man. “Is there a problem, sir?” She asked. Immediately, the rage-drowned face of the stout man turned into a smile once he saw her, making her furious.

    “Oh, if it isn’t Master Chef Addenell! This person made a terrible mistake at my food and I was…. Scolding him.” The man said. Catherine nodded as she secretly inspected the man. This man wa Morris Padelaski, the so-called representative of Joja Corporation of Zuzu City. She was disgusted by his face.

    “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll make your order again.” Iftekharul apologized, taking the plates.

    “No, you idiot. I want Chef Addenell to make mine!” Morris scoffed. Catherine nodded before following her student back into the kitchen.

    When Catherine and her student were inside, Iftekharul burst into tears.

    “I’m so sorry, chef! I’ve disappointed you!” He cried, covering his face.

    “Iffy, it’s okay! You’ve done nothing wrong!” Catherine assured, taking a bite of the steak he made. “Your food is perfect, as I said before!” She said with honesty. This all made her question: Why would Morris be furious about food that is almost equivalent of her level? She saw that the entire kitchen’s attention was on the two. “Get back to work! Concentrate on your food!” She exclaimed.

    “Yes, chef.” Everybody complied before returning to their businesses.

    “I’m not worthy of working with you…” Iftekharul sobbed.

    “IFTEKHARUL!” Catherine shouted, startling everyone in the kitchen. “Why do you hate yourself?! I understand that this isn’t your first time, but the man you’ve served is a complete douchebag! Everybody knows that! Isn’t that right, Mr. Argonev?” She asked a chef closest to her.

    “Of course, chef. He always scolds us about his food.” The chef replied.

    “Count me in! He threw my plate of salmon set across the carpet!” Another agreed.

    “Me too!” Another added. Soon enough, nine out of ten chefs agreed.

    “You see, Iftekharul? You’re not the only victim of Morris! Keep your chin up!” Catherine said. “I have to prepare my table’s dessert.”

    “Th… thank you, chef.” Iftehkarul replied, wiping his tears.

    “Now, remember that you’re my most favorite student! Come on, you’ve got another order in your stove.” Catherine’s student nodded and walked to his station. Catherine walked to the ice-cream machine to scoop up four large globules of sweet cream and put it in four crystal bowls, finishing off with slices of peach. She placed the bowls on the counter and rang the bell. After all of this, she started cooking the T-Bone steak and Cream of Lobster for the dreaded Morris Padelaski.

    It was 12 o’clock when the chefs were dismissed for the day. Catherine walked into her and her brother’s house and dropped her bag on the sofa. She gave a sigh as she collapsed on her desk chair. In days like these whenever she or her students were scolded, a few rounds of videogames helped her. As she opened a drawer to look for her Playstation controller, she noticed that her controller wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t inside. There was a yellow envelope with a purple seal attached to it. ‘Haven’t I seen this before…?’ Catherine thought to herself as she picked it up. She opened it and started reading.

    Dear Catherine,

    If you are reading this, you must be in dire need of a change.

    The same thing has happened to me during my young days of being pushed around by big companies. All of this made me want to find what I have lost: Real connections between people and nature. So I dropped everything and went to the place where I truly belong: The Demeter Farm. It is located in Stardew Valley, in the southern coast of the country.

    I have placed a deed to that place in this envelope. I know you will make our family proud. Good luck, Catherine. You were my favorite grandchild.

    PS- If Lewis is fine, please tell him that I will miss him.

    -You grandfather, Jonathan Addenell.

    Catherine shifted in the envelope the find the deed that the letter was talking about in the letter. Suddenly, she remembered. This was the final gift that her grandfather had given before his departure from this world. She collapsed on the sofa and shed tears. She may love her job as a hotel chef, but her hatred to Joja was enough to strengthen her desire to go to wherever this Valley is. She immediately knew what to do. She rushed to her room and started packing her stuff, prioritizing on her computer and clothes. After thirty minutes of packing, she took her membership card of Olde Smith Club and walked out of the house. She had to contact her brother.

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      Aw thanks for the kind words! Can't wait to see where this fic goes! :)
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        Here's the first chapter, where we see Catherine's brother, who makes the best cocktail in Zuzu! Reference to @Risukage

        Catherine made her way to the Olde Smith Club building entrance where a bouncer definitely taller and bulkier than her stood in the doorway. “Do you have a membership card?” He asked the master chef.

        “I thought you knew.” Catherine replied, handing him her membership card. The bouncer took it and inspected it.

        “Well, if it isn’t Miss Addenell. Enjoy your stay, ma’am.” The bouncer said before stepping aside. Catherine thanked him before entering the building. Unlike the concrete and blocky environment of the outside, the inside of the club building was woody and dimly lit with orange light. The area smelled like baguette bread and fermented barely. There weren’t that many people inside because it was nearing midnight except for a few seniors and middle-aged men. The absence of women made Catherine question herself. The club members laughed merrily to jokes as they sipped on their cocktail glasses and beer jugs while taking bites out of food that can be commonly be found in pubs like burgers and fish n’chips. All of this, however, wasn’t what Catherine was here for. She looked around thoroughly until she found what she was looking for behind the counter with beer dispensers and a large collection of exotic alcoholic beverages: A tall, handsome lean man with emerald eyes and blonde hair similar to hers. This was Gabriel Addenell, the younger brother of Catherine. The master chef approached the counter and sat on a stool as her brother wasn’t facing her and was skillfully shaking a cocktail shaker. He then grabbed a glass, threw the shaker up in the air and caught it. He poured the contents: a pink liquid into the glass and finished off with a pygmy parasol on an olive.

        “I’m really glad to have you around this club, bartender!” The person who received the cocktail glass complimented.

        “Thank you, Mr. Von Morgensomme.” Gabriel thanks before turning around, only to find Catherine sitting next to his customer. “…Cath?”

        “Hello, Gabby.” Catherine said with a joking smile.

        “…What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in that hotel, cooking?” Gabriel asked.

        “Today’s quota’s done, Gabby. I’m just waiting for you.” Just as Catherine finished speaking, Mr. Von Morgensomme faced the master chef.

        “…I presume you know our bartender, miss?” He asked.

        “Yes, sir. He’s my brother, Gabriel Addenell.” Catherine replied.

        “Addenell…? Then you’re… wow, you must be the legendary Catherine Addenell, then!” Mr. Von Morgensomme said, astounded. “I am honored to see you in person!” He added, giving his hand for a handshake.

        “It’s an honor to meet you too, Mr. Lysander Von Morgensomme! I’ve read your latest bestseller, Oblivion Express.” Catherine replied, seeing that Gabriel had walked away, trying to make another cocktail for another club member.

        “Ah, have you? I’ve read about you in the Chef’s Digest magazine, Miss Addenell. You have a lot of admirers and students! Say, what brought you here?”

        “I’m here to talk about some family stuff with Gabriel.”

        “I see.” The man nodded, taking a sip from his cocktail. “I say! Your brother makes the best cocktail in the city!” He complimented.

        “I really want to learn from him, but he’s kind of a tough nut to crack on that.” Catherine replied.

        “I heard that!” Gabriel shouted as he finished off his cocktail preparation and served it to his customer. He then walked to where his sister sat. “What do you want?” He grunted.

        “Give me the order of the mushroom burger.” Gabriel nodded by Catherine’s order. “Oh, I also would like a light beer.” She added.

        “Heh, you’re such a plebian.” Gabriel mocked before turning around to the hole in the wall that links to the kitchen. “Benny, one mushroom burger meal!” He shouted.

        “Got it!” A voice from the kitchen yelled back.

        “Sis, didn’t you even eat dinner?” The bartender asked his sister as he took a jug and poured the foamy beer from a machine.

        “Why do you think I’m here, then?” Catherine asked back. Gabriel shrugged.

        “You decided to become fat?”

        “Go to hell.”

        “…says the woman who works for hell.” Gabriel scoffed as he handed Catherine her beer. He was referring to Joja Corporation. “Anyway, here’s your moose urine, peasant lady.”

        “You’re serving a legend, bro.” Catherine jokingly boasted. “I need to wake up at seven o’clock tomorrow.” She added, taking a drink from her jug.

        “Whatever. Why are you here?” Hearing her brother’s question, the master chef sighed as she handed him the deed that was enclosed on their grandfather’s envelope. “What’s this?” He asked, reading the contents. “Wait.” He paused. “This is a deed…. To a farm?”

        “Yup.” Catherine nodded, taking another gulp of her beer.

        “Farm… farm…” Gabriel reminded himself, and then acted as if something snapped in his mind. “Isn’t this grandfather’s farm?”

        “That’s right. I’m thinking about leaving at New Years’ Eve.” His sister replied, checking on her phone calendar. It was 15th of Fall, 2018.

        “You’re going to quit your job as a hotel chef?!” Catherine nodded. “You’re joking, sis! People will think you’re insane! You’ll lose sponsors! You’ll be EVERYWHERE in the newspapers! You’ll…”

        “Gabriel!” Catherine shouted. “If I find a chance to escape the shackles of Joja, I’ll take it. Look, Gabby. Just because I’ll quit my job as a hotel chef doesn’t mean that I give up cooking entirely! I’ll be harvesting fresh stuff and making good food out of it! Think about it!” She said. “Hmm… maybe I can start a restaurant there…!”

        “Cath, you’re insane.” Gabriel sighed, shaking his head.

        “Anyway, where’s my food?” Just as Catherine finished, the bell rang behind her brother.

        “Order! Mushroom burger meal!” A cook shouted from the kitchen. Gabirel took the tray and gave it to Catherine.

        “Thank you, slave. This must be how it feels to be served.” Catherine said as she took a bite of the burger. “…It’s a bit salty.”

        BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

        Catherine slammed her alarm clock off as she begrudgingly woke up from her bed. “Ugh, why did I even drink that beer?” She grunted as she walked to the bathroom. After washing herself clean and wearing her chef’s uniform, she walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for herself and Gabriel. Her brother was still sleeping, seeing that his room was untouched. His shift starts at 1PM and ends at 1 AM. As she prepared French toast, she couldn’t help but continuously glance at the deed that was stuck to the refrigerator door thanks to a magnet. ‘Wow, I’m going to have a hell of an adventure next month.’ She thought as she bit on her toast. After making another for her sleeping brother, she departed from her house and hailed a taxi to the hotel she works in.

        Catherine was immediately greeted by the receptionists as she stepped foot inside. She greeted them back with the usual bow and gave handshakes to managers. She made her way to the grand kitchen where her chef colleagues and busboys were preparing the dough for today’s breakfast. “Good morning, chef.” The workers greeted her when she opened the door.

        “Good morning to you all.” Catherine replied, walking to one of the chefs. “Mr. Alek, how’s the dough going?” she asked.

        “We’re currently kneading the dough. It’ll ferment in the next hour.” Mr. Alek replied. Catherine leaned to the large metal bowl where the dough was stored and gave a sniff. Knowing that it was ready, she gave a nod.

        “Keep up the good work, Mr. Alek. I have to announce something.” She said. Immediately, everyone’s attention turned to her as she walked to the center of the kitchen. “Hi, Iffy!” She chirped when she saw her student enter the kitchen.

        “Chef, please.” Iftekharul grunted as he placed his bag in his locker and gathered with the others.

        “I, uh… have something to announce. It may be sad for some of you or maybe happy because to be honest, I kinda acted like a douchbag to some of you.” Catherine continued. “…I’m leaving.” Immediately the kitchen was surrounded with mumbles of confusion and shock.

        “Chef, you’re not kidding, right?” Mr. Argonev asked. Catherine shook her head in response.

        “I’m not. My grandfather has given me the duty to take care of his farm in the southern coast. You all know that it’s the place with the nearest beach, which is seven hours from here. Due to this, I will have to leave the hotel.”

        “Do you mean that you’ll quit cooking?” Mr. Belinski asked.

        “Quit? Of course not, Mr. Belinski! Cooking has been what’s keeping me alive for so long! The main reason I’m leaving this hotel is because…” Catherine lowered her voice to nearly a whisper. “…I want to get out of Joja’s influence.” Everyone nodded in recognition. All the chefs who worked here were in the same situation.

        “But chef, will you be leaving today?” Iftekharul asked.

        “I won’t, fortunately for you. I will be working here until the New Year’s Eve. Just because I’m leaving then doesn’t mean that we’ll slack off, though.” Everybody nodded in agreement. “Even during my last days here and after I’m gone, we have to stay diligent! Remember, you’re not working here to satisfy our superiors; you’re working to satisfy our customers!”

        “That’s right!” All the chefs exclaimed at one.

        “That’s the chef team that I’m talking about!” Catherine cheered. “Alright, let’s get back to work! Hotel visitors come at 9 o’clock sharp!”She added as everybody returned to their stations including her.

        It was approximately 9:24 in the morning after five conventional orders done when Catherine noticed the familiar family sit down on the table. As usual, her mind locked her eyes on the raven-haired man as he ordered his food from the menu to the waitress. The waitress then entered the kitchen and yelled “Order up!” and posted the paper on the wall. Catherine swiftly snatched it from the wall and gave it a read.

        ‘4x Croissant w/ Cranberry Sauce
        1x Addenell Bruschetta (4-serv) ‘

        ‘Yeah, I can do this.’ Catherine thought as she immediately went to work. Her station was soon filled with aroma and banging of spoons, pots and pans as she mixed the ingredients for the sauce and kneaded the now fermented dough into croissants. As she worked, Iftekharul approached her. “What’s up, Iffy? No order right now?” She asked, sensing his presence.

        “Chef, I really don’t appreciate that.” Iftekharul grunted.

        “I’m sorry, I just want to say it until I leave.” Catherine giggled. “Anyway, what’s up?”

        “Chef, it’s… uh… when you’re gone, what am I… I mean, we going to do?” Iftekharul asked with concern. His teacher nodded with understanding.

        “Iftekharul, you do know that whenever a queen bee dies in a hive, a new one is always hatched, right?”

        “Yes, chef.”

        “Well, how are queens born?” She asked, knowing that her student used to enroll in biology classes.

        “Well, the worker bees feed a hatchling with more royal jelly than any other hatchlings.”

        “Correct, Iffy.” Catherine said as she rolled another croissant dough.

        “…But I don’t understand.”

        “You soon will. Any other questions?”

        “What are you going to do? Will you be only farming?”

        “What? Of course not!” Catherine said with hearty laugh. “As I told you all before, Iffy, cooking is what I live for. I’ll make vlogs and blogs about food and… hell, I’ll think about opening my own restaurant if my farm is established enough! A chef’s dream is his or her own restaurant, you know!” She said as she pushed the tray filled with croissants into the oven.

        “Of course, chef.” Iftekharul concurred. Just as he was about to ask another question, a “Order Up!” rang through the kitchen.

        “That’s yours! Come on!” Catherine said as she patted her student’s back. When he was gone, she gave a sigh. ‘I still wonder why this hotel doesn’t have breakfast buffet.’ She thought. When everything was ready including her bruschetta, Catherine rang the bell, making a waiter take her food and send it to the family’s table. Little did people know that she was secretly making pumpkin stew for them. When it was ready, she poured it into a bowl, prepared four bowls and spoons and exited the kitchen. By the time she arrived at her table, the waiter had already set up the plates and walked away.

        “Oh, aren’t you the chef that served us?” The red-haired woman asked.

        “Yes, ma’am.” Catherine replied. She faced the raven-haired man and started to blush. “Th… this is… s..s.. service.” She stuttered as she lowered the large bowl of pumpkin stew on the table. She immediately noticed the raven-haired man’s face heat up.

        “Wow, thank you so much!” He complimented. Catherine sheepishly bowed and walked back into the kitchen. “How did she know that this is my favorite?” She heard the man say.
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          This is something that hasn't been done in the forum in months. I remember seeing a forum user that runs the 'Eat Game Live' website that posted a meal or two about cooking a meal from Stardew Valley in real life. Well, since yesterday was my father's birthday, I made Chocolate Cake (Which is from the game, believe it or not) and posted its steps! (yes, I can cook.)

          KakaoTalk_20161211_102650990.jpg INGREDIENTS:
          2.25 cups of flour
          0.5 cups of butter
          0.5 cups of milk
          1.5 cups of white sugar (Granulated makes life easier. Trust me.)
          0.25 cups of cocoa powder
          2 Eggs
          15 Oreos (More if you like)
          1 cup of whipped cream
          A pinch of salt (Not recommended if butter is salted)
          SOME PRE-DINNER MAYONNAISE! (Don't mind that. That's there for fun)

          Step 1: Somehow melt your butter. Microwave it, do it like my photo, scream on it like that guy from Sweden (You know him...)

          Preheat your over in 175 degrees CELCIUS (HA! Take that you Amerikanskis!)

          Combine your melted butter and sugar and whip it.

          Add the eggs and keep whisking them until it looks like this.

          Prepare the dry ingredients. The flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder...

          ...AND PUNCH IT!

          ...Uh I mean, just use whatever this tool is called. (Please leave the name in the comments. kthnxbye)

          Pour the wet batter into the powdery goodness and mix them.

          ...While you're at it, add the 0.5 cup milk (Don't mind the 1/4 written. I done goofed.)

          ...And 0.25 cups of warm water.

          Mix the abomination up until it looks like this. (It's optional if you want to eat it. I mean, I can't stop you from salmonella or anything...)

          Somehow lubricate your cake pan (I used butter. If you really want to be risky, try WD-40) and put the batter in...

          ...And throw it in the oven for thirty minutes.

          While that's being done, have some PRE-DINNER MAYONNAISE (Optional. I've heard it's good for you, though.)

          Time for the frosting. Put your Oreos in a bowl...
          ...AND PUNCH IT!

          Life lesson number 79178: Don't punch Oreos.

          Just blend them.

          There! How does it feel to shred the lives of fifteen innocent chocolate sandwiches?

          Add the 1 cup of whipped cream...

          ...and whip the thing until it doesn't drip at all.

          BONUS: Put it in the fridge for enhanced viscosity. (Don't mind all the Korean side dishes.)

          After 30 minutes, remove the smoldering goodness from the oven. (If you impale a toothpick in it and nothing sticks to it, it's ready.) Cut it in half horizontally and slather the icing on the bottom's top. put the top back on and cover the entire cake with the Oreo goodness. Pray to the god of it for best results.

          ...This should be the finished product. Go on and smother it in your mouth. It's good for you!

          So yeah. This is actually like a prototype of a cooking 'slide show'. I would like to thank the owner of Eat Game Live for inspiring me to do this thing.
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            drooling! looks soo good! I just made some chocolate cupcakes a few minutes ago. I need to try this next ^_^
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              Another Queen/King of Sauce episode is underway! It has to do with tomato sauce!

              EDIT: it was supposed to be spaghetti, but due to the lack of noodles, I'm making something similar!
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                I'M SORRY! I was supposed to upload the Spaghetti episode, but I had the sauce ready and but no spaghetti noodles! I'll promise to make spaghetti in another day, so PLEASE don't get angry! Instead, here's something similar (although not part of the game)... Lasagna! (They're both pasta)

                8 long sheets of lasagna pasta
                0.5 cups of flour
                1 knob of butter
                15 tomatoes
                3 onions/shallots (They both work in the same quantity)
                3 bay leaves
                minced garlic
                Olive oil
                Cajun seasoning
                Salt and Pepper
                Mozzarella Cheese
                Parmesan Cheese
                2 cups of milk

                NOTE: This episode of Queen/King of Sauce will be divided into four segments.

                (Picture not included) Boil your tomatoes until they're soft and peel them off while reminding yourself that you're at least not doing this to a human.

                (Picture not included) Throw the peels away and blend the flesh into a paste.

                Oil your saucepan and throw in a tablespoon of minced garlic.

                Slaughter the onions/shallots into tiny bits and throw it in, too. Make sure to stir it around to prevent burns.

                Pour the tomato paste in the saucepan and continue stirring. Meanwhile, add some salt and pepper...

                ...And add five tablespoons of this marvelous Cajun seasoning. (Yes, I LOVE cooking with this.) Remember to keep stirring to evenly spread the flavor!

                Sauce ready!

                Melt the butter. I don't care how you do it. (You may scream at it until it melts.)

                Add the 0.5 cups of flour and stir it to paste.

                Add the 2 cups of milk and keep stirring it until your favored viscosity. While doing that, add some salt and pepper...

                KakaoTalk_20161216_170922450.jpg KakaoTalk_20161216_170922450.jpg
                ...Add the Parmesan cheese!

                Bechamel sauce standing by!

                Boil some water in a large saucepan and add some olive oil.

                Boil your pasta sheets until they're really soft.

                Pasta standing by!

                Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Celcius. (Use your converters, Americans!)

                Lubricate your lasagna pan with some edible WD-40! (By that, I mean, olive oil.)

                Begin assembly! Start your base with the tomato sauce.

                Continue with the pasta!

                From here, your choice of stacking is optional. (The way I did it is... Bechamel first, tomato sauce second, Mozzarella Cheese third and pasta fourth.) Rinse and repeat!

                Shove the savory abomination in the oven and go play Stardew Valley for 45 minutes.

                Go on and shove the goodness into your mouth!

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                  Okay, HERE! The REAL EPISODE is out! Here's Episode 2 of the Queen/King of Sauce: Spaghetti!

                  6 Prawns
                  Some Spaghetti noodles
                  Olive Oil
                  Tomato Sauce (See the Lasagna Recipe for instructions)
                  Parmesan Cheese

                  Before you begin, train yourself to be a sadist and feel no remorse to decapitating corpses. Ready? Good. Chop the mushrooms and remove the heads and carapace of the prawns.

                  Boil the water and add some olive-flavored WD-40 in.

                  ...And don't forget to add the spaghetti.

                  Meanwhile, lubricate your frying pan with some of the same olive oil... (Or butter works too.)

                  ...And fry your crustacean victims on it and give it some good sizzles in medium fire. DO NOT FULLY COOK IT.

                  ...and add the fungal goodness. Don't forget to add some salt and pepper.

                  KakaoTalk_20170101_032553293.jpg Now, add some tomato sauce and stir it nicely. You now have my permission to maximize the fire.

                  NOW! Before you turn that fire off thinking that all of this is ready, STOP. Don't even think about doing the American way by simply pouring the sauce on the noodles. To be honest, I consider this a disgrace to spaghetti cooking. (Sorry for those who are offended!)

                  Add the spaghetti noodles on the hot pan...

                  ...And stir it to get the sauce on the noodles. Plus one point when you add parmesan cheese in the process. When you think the sauce has made its mark with the spaghetti, plate it!

                  Now shove all this in your face, or give it to Robin. She'll tell you EVERYTHING you need to romance Sebastian. Or, you know... give it to THE GREAT PAPYRUS! NYE HEH HEH HEH!
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                    I have some news that I don't know if I should say it's good or not.

                    I have decided to pass on the torch of this fanfiction to a friend of mine. Valley of Aroma and Amor is not mine anymore.

                    Thus, I will not post any more chapters here. That doesn't mean that I'll stop posting here entirely! The Queen/King of Sauce will continue!
                    That's all.

                    Thanks from Aperture!

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