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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lunin, Feb 2, 2019.

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    Hey! Been enjoying the game, so I wanted to provide some feedback from my first and second play sessions :) The game has been a lot of fun so far, so please take the problems as simply QoL areas which would help propel it even further!
    • Skipping feels like it takes way too long, if I want to skip something like a capture animation but still watch the fun combats it feels bad to have to watch most of it anyway
      • A fast forward could also work, I really like the animations but sometimes things feel really slow.
    • The End Turn button is way too easy to accidentally hit. Twice now I've skipped my turn because I meant to attack with a ranged unit (A->A immediately) missed the unit, and hit End Turn. Perhaps if it was on the bottom of the list instead of the top? Hitting up to get to the last option is pretty easy, but even the second option would help a lot in this regard.
    • The Fog of War moving locking the camera feels odd, especially with the fact you can still move the cursor while it's locked. I've had several times where when the fog animation stopped I was suddenly across the map (playing in handheld mode on the switch so I don't have the biggest FoV), I think I'd prefer an instant (or much faster) fog transition as well, at least as an option.
    • I would love to be able to parse what units are good against what better. I can't tell with the faces on the unit stats screen, and the matrix doesn't call out good matchups so I can't tell when a unit is doing more damage because it's more powerful and when it's because of the good matchup. Likewise for bad. The fact that all the enemy portraits are of the other faction makes this doubly difficult, while flavorful, since I'm even less familiar with telling an enemy pikeman from a swordsman or a ranger.
    • When choosing the attack command, I would greatly appreciate if the cursor locked onto available options so I could scroll between them. Moving the cursor all the way too them, especially with siege units, feels tedious and if I'm comparing results on two different distant targets it feels like it takes forever. Especially since I keep not stopping on precisely the right square.
    • I feel like vision mechanics are not well explained. Even in the info menu on the unit there seems to be nothing on how vision ranges interact with forest/mountains, but I've had pikemen in the woods have their sight down to 1. I do know Battlepups on mountains see far but other units don't seem to get the same bonus and I'm not sure where to find that information.
    • I'm not sure but it feels like the AI is unaffected by fog, this one would be hard to adjust for if it is the case but if they are affected and just playing smart then it'd be nice to see them mess up once or twice early just so you know they're playing by the same rules on that front
    To avoid this just being a complain/improvement post, here's some stuff I like callouts!

    • The using building health as a heal pool is super interesting tactically.
    • The animations are great! Playing as Caesar is everything I'd hoped it would be and more :)
    • I like the fun tone, and how it goes all the way through the unit descriptions and animations to the dialog.
    • I like that the foot units have varying skin tone, even on the world icon unit, good on you for inclusivity!
    • Also appreciate that at this point the main character commander of the first army and the rival style character of the second were both not dudes and not fan-service or waifs (cinematic at start looked like it had a pretty good spread, more props!)
    • The critical system makes for some interesting positioning puzzles.

    In any case, hope this post is useful to you guys! I greatly appreciate a new good entry in the turn based strategy arena and look forward to trying out the rest of what this game has to offer :)
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      Great Feedback, I agree with everything and I hope they fix and implement the stuff that you mentioned.

      Yeah the slow fog of war and the camera lock is killing the fun for me.

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