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should the final avian boss be the leader of the grounded or kluex?

  1. Leader of the grounded

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  2. Kluex

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    since they haven't implemented any final bosses into the game yet I thought: "hey, what if the final boss would vary depending on what race you're playing as. for example the glitch character who freed himself from the hive mind controlling all glitch could fight that hive mind. and the floran characters who slowly forget who they once were could discover that some kind of experiments conducted by the apex made them forget and therefore their final boss would be some kind of apex mech or something like that. If hardmode is implemented (which I hope it will be) you could solve plot holes by making some "rogue" villages (glitch with free will, avian villages that praise the return of/despice kluex (depending if the final avian boss is either kluex or the leader of the grounded) etc.) appear after hardmode has been initialized.

    this could lead to some very interesting boss battles such as big ape fo apex or "the beast from beyond the stars" for humans. you're probably thinking that varying bosses would screw up multiplayer but you could easily solve this by just making the summoning item for the boss vary from race to race vary as well. this would let a hylotl fight the avian boss and vice versa.

    I plan on continuining working on this idea when I get more ideas for it. please post suggestions for the bosses, their drops, attacks and how their defeat will affect the world in the thread.
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