Fishing changes without (and with) lowering difficulty

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PFlute, Feb 29, 2016.


Preferred Fishing Changes?

  1. Quality of Life. Keep the difficulty, throw out the frustration.

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  2. Lower the difficulty, this is just nuts!

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  3. Fishing is fine just how it is.

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  1. PFlute

    PFlute Contributor

    Lovin' the game! Had a few fishing ideas, though. I get that maybe fishing is supposed to be hard, but that doesn't mean it has to be quite as frustrating as it is.
    Staying on the line with a fish for multiple in-game hours only to lose it because it's being so unpredictable is maddening.

    I'm tiering these by how much they change fishing gameplay, 'cuz you don't need to change things dramatically to alleviate frustrations.

    Low-Impact Implementation -
    • Difficulty warnings/indicators per fish: To keep low-level players from getting frustrated with protracted, twitchy fishy battles. Being able to opt out of struggling with fish you're not 'meant' to get with your current rod could stop a lot of anger. Could be a message, or an icon next to the fishing GUI.
    • Rebind Fishing Button: Left-click is a fiddly feeling way to play the minigame. Having a solid button (like spacebar) would make me personally feel more in control. It's also easier to mash (which you have to do sometimes, right?)

    Higher-Impact -
    • Increase Effect of having fish on 'Edge' of marker: This would lower difficulty (is this desirable?), but a big frustration for me is constantly grazing erratic fish. Making a secondary effect happen when the fish is at the edge of the zone (having the catch meter stay level instead of raising or dropping) might decrease feelings of futile flailing.
    • Lower the bar on fishing upgrades: I understand good tackle and bait can make things easier on you? Could we make it so the bamboo pole can take one or two really weak improvements from the get-go? Introduce a "Bamboo Rod+" that you get rewarded with after increasing your Fishing stat.
    Honestly as it is I kinda like how hard fishing is, so I think I'd more advocate the Quality of Life and feel changes over lowering the difficulty, but, there's options.
    • AgileWolf

      AgileWolf Void-Bound Voyager

      Personally, I love where fishing is at currently. The difficulty warning could help, but might actually be implemented already. I've seen a fish that had some sort of symbol above it. I never caught it so I have no idea what it meant, avoiding spoilers.
      Perhaps a note about twitchy/harder fish when you're being taught how to fish would be best.

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