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Bug/Issue Fishing pole softlock

Discussion in 'Support' started by iiNebula, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. iiNebula

    iiNebula Orbital Explorer

    Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch - V1.3.37

    I’m currently on Summer year 1 and decided to purchase the iridium fishing pole, since I thought my previous one had gotten its use.

    I’d been using my previous fishing pole for an hour (in game time) that day, fishing towards the Lonely Stone. Everything was fine and there wasn’t any issues. I purchased the iridium upgrade at 10am.

    I exited Willy’s fishing hut and went back to the fishing spot. As soon as I started fishing, I noticed something weird. My character was facing forwards while I was fishing to the left. The pole still cast this way, and I was still able to catch fish.

    Shortly after that, I decided to see what would happen if I cast forwards, so I tried that. I cast forwards onto land. The fishing pole is stuck in my character’s head and I’m unable to move them, regardless of what buttons I press

    I waited until 2am to see if anything would happen but nothing changed. The clock stayed at 2, and I stayed softlocked in the same position.

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