RELEASED FrauHaselmaus' Workshop - Many, Many Retextures! (Example: Grasspaths)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MiaEmilia, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. RoastedCoconutz

    RoastedCoconutz Pangalactic Porcupine

    I love the new fences, so much cleaner and nicer than the originals! And the building redesigns are wonderfully colorful. Thanks Mia :)
    • monstergirldog60

      monstergirldog60 Orbital Explorer

      Just what I have been looking for !!! Thanks!!!! Love your re-textures so much <3
      • MoonlitBrenya

        MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

        Jut wanted to let you know, I have installed several of these mods and I can't wait till they are available (as in I can afford to build/upgrade, what have you). Call me weird, but I absolutely adore the first house version, the vines especially... How hard is it to do these edits? I have a lot of ideas going around in my head and would love to try to make something myself. I am also interested in making my own wallpaper and flooring for the house interior. And redoing all the furniture... -dreams big-

        Again, love the mods, you did amazingly. Keep up the good work. And try not to let the demands stress you out. -raise her cup of coffee to you- Cheers
        • Taerie

          Taerie 2.7182818284590...

          Your grass paths are one of the most important mods to me; the gravel path is so useless to me anyway, and the grass just makes everything so much prettier! Thank you!
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          • tiffy961

            tiffy961 Pangalactic Porcupine

            I totally agree with that! Still hoping a Summer Version will be added at some point as well.
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            • HiHaHi123

              HiHaHi123 Orbital Explorer

              Amazing!Thank you so much!
              • CrazyLittleGirl

                CrazyLittleGirl Space Hobo

                Uhm, hello...So I kind of tried downloading the Grasspaths and when I clicked the said it had a problem with the download...anyway to fix it? I really want to download it. :nuruneutral::nuruhappy: :(

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                • Jinxiewinxie

                  Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista

                  The links for both kinds of grass paths worked fine for me just now. Can you try again?
                  • CrazyLittleGirl

                    CrazyLittleGirl Space Hobo

                    Guys, I don't get how to install/add the grasspath. Where do I put it? I finally managed to install it but I don't know where or what folder should put the "Flooring.xnb" and will I manually install the folders every season?
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                    • CrazyLittleGirl

                      CrazyLittleGirl Space Hobo

                      I finally managed to install it but I don't know where or what folder should put the "Flooring.xnb" and will I manually install the folders every season?
                      • MoonlitBrenya

                        MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

                        Are you using Windows 7 and did you download from Steam? If so, yours should been in the same place as mine. Go to : Computer > Local Disk(C:) > Program Files (86x) > Steam > steamapps > Common > Stardew Valley > Content > Terrain Features. Your original Flooring.xnb is here. IMPORTANT! BEFORE add the files from the mod you need to do one of two things. EITHER Rename the ORIGINAL file to something you will recognize later (I renamed mine FlooringORIG.xnb) or MOVE the original Flooring.xnb folder somewhere where you will be able to find it later (I recommend the renaming, that way all your files are still in the same place, but if you prefer to keep originals separated, that's fine as well, just make sure you don't forget where you saved them. Now you can add the files from the mod. Once they are all in place, you will need to find the one that coincides with your Current game, ie you're in Winter, so you want the winter flooring file. Rename it to simply Flooring.xnb.

                        In an answer for your second question, yes, you will have to repeat this process per season changes. Once Spring arrives, go back into that folder. Before doing anything with the Spring version, find the now named Flooring.xnb and rename it to FlooringWINT.xnb or whatever you prefer to be able to find it and know what it is come next Winter. Then find the Spring version and rename it to simply Flooring.xnb.

                        This is the method I use. It is not the only way. The most important things to remember are to Back up or save the original file in whatever way you feel most comfortable with, making sure there is only ever 1 Flooring.xnb file in the folder at a time (Meaning all the other will either need to be placed somewhere else, or renamed : the game ignores files that it doesn't look for.) and... well, I think that's it.
                        • kirakirarabbit

                          kirakirarabbit Void-Bound Voyager

                          Is it just me or will the first page of this thread not load at the moment...? It's just a jumble of characters/text
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                          • MoonlitBrenya

                            MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

                            Loads fine for me
                            • staarfruit

                              staarfruit Pangalactic Porcupine

                              I had the same issue. Turns out that it was my antivirus somehow messing with the page. :p
                              • miryuo

                                miryuo Zero Gravity Genie

                                i can't see the first page either :/
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                                • Mogipoki

                                  Mogipoki Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Oh no, I want to uninstall the Spring grasspath, but I don't remember where I backed-up my default wood path...can anyone give me a link to the default one so it can go back to normal in my game? Thanks!
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                                  • EternityWaits

                                    EternityWaits Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    @MiaEmilia I was wondering/hoping that there would be an update to this re-texture set to include the new buildings (specifically the shed and the mill). I really love the dark brown wood with the green roofing and details. Will there be an update to include the new buildings, or no?
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                                    • LenkoFlamer

                                      LenkoFlamer Astral Cartographer

                                      God no! I want to use this retextures, but page 1 doesn't work
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                                      • Ailsaek

                                        Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        Not for me, either, just gibberish characters. Can someone repost the download link?
                                        • tiffy961

                                          tiffy961 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                          Does that work for you?
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