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    First of all, I speak Spanish so forgive my mistakes.
    PROBLEM: My problem in general with SDV is that once you reach a certain level of gaming, even when you can keep playing the game is basically over. This is true especially with frienship (or marriage), because once you get the 10 0 8 hearts relationship you can do basically nothing to improve of continue the relationship. You keep getting the same ol' lines from people and it get boring very quickly.
    SUGGESTION: Besides improving the the dialogs and the whole friendship dialog, I think that you could add a "friendship level 2". So once you get 10 hearts you should get the chance of rasiing your friendship to the next level (another 10 hearts or silver and golden hearts...) by doing certain tasks o chosing the right options in a certain situation.
    Same happens with marriage. What's the purpose of the two extra hearts? You should get more events to keep raising (or ruining) your relationship. So you can get a stronger marriage or head to divorce.
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      Well, it's an interesting idea, but I think they put the limit to 8/10 heart to separate marriage and friendship.
      Anyway, I totally agree with the idea of adding more dialogs, choices, and events once you get married and once you have a baby.
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        honestly I do like this idea, I think it would be pretty cool!!

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