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    Hello everyone!
    with the PS4 release finally out of the way we have a few more special treats to share with you :)

    The Wargroove Discord members among you may have seen that last week Chucklefish CEO Tiy divulged some information on what the development team are currently working on, and details on what you can expect in upcoming minor and major patches across all versions. Today we wanted to go into a little more detail!

    An official caveat though, the below isn’t a finalised list of content, nor can we 100% confirm that all of these features will make it into the upcoming updates, as some are still in development / testing stages, so keep that in mind! Updates also still need to go through various approval processes, so we can’t estimate exact release dates just yet.

    So what’s next for Wargroove?
    While we’ve been keeping our heads-down in development since the last major QoL patch, we’re constantly reading and listening to feedback from all around the player-base – be that from the online competitive scene, map-making fans as well as casual players who are keen to see more content to get stuck into. As such we have 3 updates in the works:

    v1.3.0 ‘Minor’ Patch
    - Korean Language will be added! 이제 워그루브를 한국어로 만나보실 수 있습니다!
    - Bug fixes - over 60 bugs are confirmed fixed!! (did you know you can stalk Shu's bug tracking here?)
    - Some technical stuff laying the foundation for PC Mod support
    - Weather will also be turned off for Quickplay mode.

    PC Mod Support Patch – PC Only
    - Adds mod support via Steam Workshop – check out this Commander mod preview where we recruited one of our office dogs!
    This patch will follow closely behind v1.3.0 and will be in open beta to get player feedback

    v2.0 ‘Major’ Update
    - BIG brand new content – full details to be revealed at a later date…
    - Lobby listings, so that players can find publicly hosted games
    - Unit balance adjustments to a number of units and Commanders
    - Quickplay map rotation – New maps will be chosen to add to the QP pool.

    This update will also include new Map Editor options – there’s quite a lot of ideas we’re testing at the moment, so here we go…
    • Gizmos – New place-able entities with an on and off state such as levers and chests. Using gizmos you can override terrain (e.g. draw bridges) and will also be able to enter new actions to set and toggle the gizmo state, as well as new conditions to check it.
    • Counters – We’re adding new actions to perform arithmetic between counters as well as setting the counter to random value, and load/storing counter values to some other variables (HP, Groove etc.). There’s also a new condition to compare counters.
    • Actions can now play sounds
    • Metalocations – We’re adding support for ‘metalocations’ which indicate where things last happened on the map, for example the last attacker, last defender, last recruit, last unit used, last movement path, last death etc. There will also be new actions for locations, such as copying a location area, moving location by (x,y) and boolean operations between locations.
    • Unit Modifiers – We’re also enabling players to modify the damage that any unit/structure receives as a percentage, including making them invulnerable. We’re also looking into a teleport unit action for the editor.
    • Map upload slots will also be increased so users can upload more maps at once.
    As we mentioned earlier, we want to keep you updated on what we’re working on, but be aware that not all of the above may make it into the final update list as we continue implementing and testing new features, so do wait for the final patch notes which will be revealed when each patch is ready to deploy!

    There’s still even more announcements on the way for Wargroove, so plenty still to look forward to in 2019! For now, come join us on the Wargroove Discord where we’ll be chatting about some of the changes we’re making, and don’t forget to submit your maps ahead of the next Community Maps Spotlight this Friday. You can also vote for your favourite map to receive the Community Choice Award in the Wargroove subreddit.

    Thank you :D
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      I still really wish that Wargroove is available in GOG. Even if it took another couple of years, I'll wait and buy it you know. Cause I don't have a steady internet connection here.:nurusad:
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        barges- 400
        merfolk- 400
        turtles- 500
        harpoon ships- 700
        warships- 1100

        work in progress

        working off of my LSA quad navy is a little inexpensive

        ah note, the 400 barge is mixed in with a "all transports to 400, all transport 2" <-- also a work in progress

        balloon to movement 7. fite me

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