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Game crashes when I sleep on 28th day of winter year one

Discussion in 'Support' started by Heyamrterry, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Heyamrterry

    Heyamrterry Space Hobo

    The game runs fine right up til sleeping, it only crashes when I actually go into the black screen after selecting yes to sleep. Tried getting myself to pass out so I don't have to go to bed but this also causes the freeze, I've made multiple saves and played through, doing different thing such as not buying barns, not getting married, but these things don't effect it, I love this game and it's really sad to see a bhg that effects game so badly, I'm an Xbox one user, GT Cyandinosaur999. It only happens on the 28th day of a winter year one. Thanks for reading and I hope it can be fixed without losing my saves.
    • Kashmir

      Kashmir Giant Laser Beams

      You should go to the Stardew Valley forum. You accidentally put this in Starbound.
      • Heyamrterry

        Heyamrterry Space Hobo

        Thanks I don't really know how to use forums
        • Iris Blanche

          Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

          Moved to Stardew Valley support.

          Iris Blanche
          • Visatorax

            Visatorax Intergalactic Tourist

            I'm having the same problem. Runs fine until last day of winter on the first year. Xboxone too.
            • Lexis96

              Lexis96 Seal Broken

              I have the same problem though I reloaded the game and did this about 16 times now, unable to progress to year two it seems. This is rather game breaking seeing as the game crashes so often though it's never done it so many times before. I've even woke up and went strait back to bed and it still crashes. I've reloaded the game, reset my system, cleared my cache, reset my internet, nothing works. Completely ruins the game and makes you want a refund really.

              Make that's 18 times
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              • Heyamrterry

                Heyamrterry Space Hobo

                A patch will be released tonight or tomorrow or possibly the next day, it was released for ps4 today and the patch will be live soon, so don't give up on the game yet, don't forget this is the first week of a game being ported from PC to console, these things are expected to happen.

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